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10x Brilliant vintage shops

Some of the most beautiful shops in Eindhoven are vintage stores. Shopping vintage helps the planet and allows you to pick up unique items that no one else has. From retro furniture to fashion statements, these brilliant stores are definite must-visits!

Second Floor

Perhaps the most well-known vintage shop in Eindhoven can be found at the Hoogstraat: Second Floor. This cute shop is located in a former butcher's shop (hence the logo with the piglet) It's a clothing store with a mix of vintage/second hand and new clothing. You will also find gift items, ceramics, and colorful folk art from Mexico.

Vintage VĂȘtements

At first, Vintage VĂȘtements was located in LOADS 040. Nowadays, you can find this cool vintage shop on the bustling grounds of Strijp-S, in the old building of ice cream parlor Intelligentia, to be exact. Ilya is happy to help you with new vintage finds in the store.

Atelier Kringloop

In pursuit of design treasures without the hefty price tag? Atelier Kringloop is the epitome of thrift store chic. Discover vintage designs and unique pieces that will infuse your interior with an exciting flair.

Vintage Vetêments
Vintage Vetêments

Eeden Conceptstore

In addition to the handmade clothing in their collection, the sisters Eeden are always on the look-out for special vintage items. Cool, colorful or extraordinary, the lilac shop on Bergstraat called Eeden Conceptstore has outfits for every mood.

Frankie's Favorites

Do you love the designer kind of vintage? Well, then Frankie's Favorites might be your new favorite spot! A little bonus: the store is a beauty itself.  

Coco Loco

Are you on the hunt for stylish second-hand designer clothes for your kids? And do you prefer to browse undisturbed? Look no further! At Coco Loco, set your kids up at the fantastic train table in the center of the store, allowing you to uncover the coolest finds in peace.

Frankie's Favorites

All Vintage

So you're looking for vintage? Run to All Vintage for a quick visit! The owners Willeke and Hanneke, who also run All Vintage on the Keizersgracht, will welcome you with open arms (and a cup of coffee) in their quirky store. 


Four creative traders in vintage, industrial design, and antiques joined forces at the end of 2016. On their quest for a suitable location, they stumbled upon an old industrial barn that they eventually transformed into LOADS 040. Take a look inside the impressive hall for loads of quirky stuff. 

All Vintage
All Vintage

Yetunde & the Vintage Alternatives

At the Hurk, about 10 minutes from the city center, lies the vintage empire of Yetunde named YATVA. Here, you will find racks full of vintage clothing and accessories, such as bags, shoes, and jewelry. The originally British Yetunde buys all items in London, so you are guaranteed to score some unique pieces!             

Room108 & Gusj Market

Room108 & Gusj Market can be found on an industrial site (in the old Philips engine room) at Strijp-S, and offers an extensive collection of must-haves and vintage furniture.