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6x Cool city tours and walking routes

Most of you lovely independent peeps like figuring things out yourself in life. But a little help along the way doesn't hurt. For example, calling in a knowledgeable chaperone to discover Eindhoven. An excellent idea, if you ask us. The ideal tour guide knows the hidden gems, lovely cafes, historical tidbits, and juicy anecdotes. Everything that makes a city fun and exciting. Allow us to recommend a few of our favorite local city guides, as well as some captivating routes that you can explore at your own pace.

Street art tour

The iconic murals of Eindhoven have gained global fame, but are you familiar with the city's hidden gems? This captivating city tour takes you along renowned  and lesser-known Eindhoven street art projects. So grab your bikes (or rent one) and enjoy this three hour ride through town! And don’t miss out on the other city tours of Eindhoven247.

Language: different languages available

Design route Strijp

Hello, tech and design lover! If you want to discover the highlights of Strijp-S, -T, and R, then this walk is for you. The former Philips industrial areas are now a melting pot of exhibition spaces, design studios, creative incubators, and innovative companies. We will gladly take you along the hidden gems and the iconic highlights! This handy map shows you exactly how to walk and where to stop for great coffee or an indulging lunch.

Language: English and Dutch

Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S


No better guide than a true local who proudly shows you his city. On Withlocals, you can find local guides to your heart’s desires. For example, go on a food tour with local Reinoud and taste Eindhoven's deliciousness. Besides culinary spots, you will discover other must-sees. A walk packed with food, drinks, and historical facts. It’s all on the menu at Withlocals.

Language: Dutch and English

PS Do you like locals but not hanging out with them? Then the Tips from locals might be something for you. In this series of articles, unique people from Eindhoven talk about their favorite spots in town. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some great inside tips.

Comedy Walks

Would you like to learn more about Eindhoven and laugh along the way? With Comedy Walks, a professional stand-up comedian will take you to the best places in town. A walking comedy show with Eindhoven as the backdrop. Laughing and walking at the same time!

Language: one week Dutch, the other week English

Terras Ketelhuis op Strijp-S
Fietstour door Eindhoven

Sherlock Detective Game Eindhoven

Not a city tour but a murder mystery. Play this exciting game and discover Eindhoven’s city center at the same time. Together with your team, you search for clues to the murder weapon and try to gain the trust of virtual witnesses. And while you unravel the mystery like a true detective, you get to see the most excellent places in town. What are you waiting for, Sherlock? The game is afoot!

Language: Dutch

Free Walking Tour

Claudia and Marjon take you on a three-hour tour of Eindhoven every Thursday and Saturday morning. The guides know all about the city's history, but also give you a glimpse of the future. A tour full of social interaction, undiscovered places, and fun facts. The destination switches every other week between Strijp-S and the city center. The Free Walking Tour is free (hence the name) but you can always tip your guides at the end!

Language: English

Bonustip: online guides

You know what's really handy? We've bundled all our city tips by district and theme. Are you looking for the best hotspots in the Kanaal zone? Or for inside tips about Eindhoven's nightlife? Go to our Instagram and click on guides in the highlights; you'll find all our tips in just a few clicks.