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Strijp-T & Strijp R tour

Want to explore even more at Strijp? There is more! Have you ever set foot in the old Philips ceramic workshop, now better known as the empire of Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek? Or would you like to learn more about the technological developments at Strijp-T? Then this is the tour for you!

Want to discover even more about Strijp? Then book a tour of Strijp-T and Strijp-R. Two former factory sites, each with its own story. For example, As we speak, Strijp-T is developing around the old power station and appears to be the perfect lookout for a glimpse over the city.

At Strijp-R, you will meet the first 'resident' after Philips, designer Piet Hein Eek. You'll be amazed by his workshop, studio, store, restaurant, and his own hotel. In addition, during this tour, you will also discover special forms of housing with a clear nod to the past.

Want to combine the Strijp-S tour with the Strijp-T and Strijp-R area? Ask about the options. 

Strijp R

Mpre informatie

  • Duration: about 1,5 hours
  • Price: 145,00 per guide
  • Group size per guide: a maximum of 15 persons
  • City tours are available daily based on availability.
  • Our city guides speak several languages, ask for the possibilities.

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