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7x Activities for the rainy days

We can't control the weather, whether it's pouring rain or extremely hot. Nevertheless, there is plenty to do in Eindhoven. Let the creativity flow in a museum, or take a hot air balloon ride in a virtual world. With the following tips, we make sure you won't be bored!

Virtual action

Picture this: imagine yourself in a thrilling fantasy world where you challenge your friends and family to an epic gaming showdown. Action-packed for enthusiasts and beginner-friendly for newcomers. So, put on your glasses and headphones and dive into the virtual world of VR gaming at Enversed or The Park Playground. Rather take a leap into the future? Travel forward and discover the future ahead of us with RetroFuture's time machine at the Evoluon!

No Netflix this time

Ditch your umbrella for a ticket to the cinema and beat the weather blues. Dive into the hottest new releases, blockbuster bonanzas, and cult classics at local hotspots like Natlab and LAB-1, or the big guns like Pathé and Vue. Nothing beats the weather like a good laugh or a heart-pounding plot twist, right? Let's not forget the real MVP – fresh sweet or salty popcorn.



Did you know that the largest bowling alley in the Netherlands is located in Eindhoven? Now you do! With no less than 33 bowling lanes, you can put your bowling skills to the test at Mega Bowling and become a real pro in no time! At the neighbors, you can enjoy a game of glow-in-the-dark mini golf. Fun for young and old.

The clock is ticking ...

Do you have nerves of steel? Then you'll surely find your way out at Xitroom Escape Game. Are you near Strijp-S during a downpour of rain? Then head to the mysterious escape room in the yellow van! We'd also like to mention GlowGolf once more. They have a great escape room and an amazing cube filled with technological gadgets. Hey, we never said it was going to be easy!

Bottle Distillery
Bottle Distillery

Boules and beers

Jeu de boules is making a comeback, and it's hotter than ever! Get ready to roll with the good times at Mooie Boules – where you can aim for victory while savoring their mouthwatering dishes and a refreshing beer. And if you're up for the ultimate boules experience, swing by Boules Bites Bar for a perfect fusion of fun, flavors, and vibes!

No gin without tonic

Ever dreamt of crafting your own gin or mastering the art of the perfect shake? At Bottle Distillery, nestled in the heart of De Caai, you'll not only jack-up your knowledge but also distill your very own gin. Now, that's a spirited adventure! Are more into the heavy lifting? Shake things up at one of Bobby's Bars, like the one at Kleine Berg. You'll almost forget it's raining outside!

Go on an artventure

Let's be real – when it comes to escaping the rain, museums are hard to beat. And you're in luck! Eindhoven boasts a fantastic array of museums catering to all ages. Right in the city center, the Van Abbemuseum stands out as a leading hub for contemporary art in Europe. Craving a journey through history? We can highly recommend exploring the exhibitions at the Philips Museum and the DAF Museum. For those with an appetite for avant-garde, forward-looking art, MU Hybrid Art House is an absolute gem.