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Is Eindhoven a good place to study?

With a wide range of (inter)national educational institutions, Eindhoven has something for almost everyone. We are known as "hands down the most inventive city in the world" (Forbes). But this unconventional college town with a penchant for high-tech innovation and conceptual design is even better at throwing a party. Here are three reasons why Eindhoven might be the best city for your studies. 

City full of successful student teams

Student teams think about intelligent houses, develop drones that can deliver medicine, and build cars that run on solar energy. Put a bunch of bright minds together, and you will get many impressive innovations. And their success is enormous. Joining a student team is also a great way to get involved in the greater good and make friends for life. Improving the world together, isn't that what everyone wants? At least at these TU/e student teams

City of student associations

To be perfectly honest: studying is not just hanging out at school. Studying is also about making friends, partying, exploring the city, and drinking beer. Drinking a lot of beer. The place where all this comes together is at a study association. Luckily, Eindhoven has quite a few. We have listed ten of them for you. Do you hate being only the lonely but aren’t a fan of (social) obligations? There are many more ways to make friends in Eindhoven

City of nocturnal escapades

Studying without going out is like winter without snow. It's possible, and you'll survive, but it makes it less fun. Now, you don't have to worry about going out in Eindhoven: our nightlife is bustling! Every week, students brave Stratumseind, better known as the longest nightlife street in the Netherlands. Or they dance the night away in clubs like HAVEN and PIXL CLUB. Do you have an uncontrollable urge for the night? Check out all the tips in our Eindhoven nightlife guide.

How many reasons do you need?

There are countless reasons to come and study In Eindhoven. With many student associations, excellent schools, and innovative hotspots, we are THE student city of the Netherlands. Not convinced yet? Then check our 10 reasons to study in Eindhoven. 

10 Reasons to study in Eindhoven