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Is Eindhoven a good place to work?

Eindhoven is the city of technology, design, and knowledge. Are you a professional in those fields? Then a brilliant career awaits you in Eindhoven. With companies such as ASML, NXP, and many startups, you can imagine yourself in Silicon Valley 2.0. Global players like VDL and DAF also have Eindhoven as their home base. Enough about all those smart companies. It’s the power of collaboration that makes Eindhoven worth working in. The Eindhoven philosophy: at the intersection of disciplines, innovation is born. We wholeheartedly agree! 

High Tech Campus

With more than 135 companies and institutes, and over 10,000 researchers and developers, the High Tech Campus may call itself the smartest square kilometer in the Netherlands. What are we saying? In Europe! That means there are plenty of job opportunities in this high-tech ecosystem. What makes this place even better is the facilities: there is greenery and easy parking, and if you’re hungry, you can visit one of the restaurants on The Strip. Want to go to the gym, the hairdresser, or Albert Heijn? You can do that on the HTC, too! 

High Tech Campus

Tech & maker districts 

The High Tech Campus is a Valhalla for tech-savvy careerists, but there's more! Yes, really. Eindhoven is bursting with so-called tech & maker districts, where innovation and creativity buzz and makers are hard at work realizing their dreams. Take the NRE site where design collective NUL ZES has established itself, or Plan-B, where you will find dozens of creative entrepreneurs under one roof. Plenty of incubators in any case. 

Brainport region

Before we forget, let's talk about the Brainport region. You wondered why on earth you should work in Eindhoven (what else are you doing in this article). But Eindhoven happens to be located in the brightest region in Europe. Not a coincidence, it’s more of a chicken vs. egg situation. The Eindhoven region, also called Brainport, excels in technologies such as artificial intelligence and photonics. So Eindhoven does not innovate alone (hello city of cooperation), but rather with 21 neighboring municipalities. 

Collaborating is in our nature

Whether you study, work or do business here, the opportunities are endless in Brainport Eindhoven. Interested in learning about the vacancies in the region?

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