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7x Design areas & breeding grounds

Usually, the DDW is the perfect time to look behind the scenes at different design hubs in the city. But actually, Eindhoven is bursting with design all year round. So, reason enough to highlight all the creative areas! Want to know where to find them? Or are you looking for an inspiring place to rent a studio or exhibit? Then this list is for you.


A creative breeding ground in the district of Tongelre, where four former factories have been transformed into studios, workshops, stages, and exhibition spaces. Throughout the year you will find 180 creative businesses, artists, designers, musicians, and craftsmen here. Among others, Nacho Carbonell, Niels Hoebers, Collaboration-O, and VANTOT have their studios at Sectie-C.


On this former Philips site and the heart of the annual Dutch Design Week, old industrial heritage was transformed into a hotbed of inspiring workplaces for creators and creatives years ago. Think of the Klokgebouw, Microlab, Videolab, Plug-in-City, and the Apparatenfabriek, which are all surrounded by nice cafes and restaurants.

Strijp T+R

Strijp T+R are located within a stone’s throw of Strijp-S. Strijp T was once the power station that supplied the energy needs of Philips, nowadays it is a breeding ground for design and innovation. Home to VanBerlo and Additive Industries, among others. The RK complex is located at Strijp R, in this building, you will find the workshop and showroom of world-famous designer Piet Hein Eek, who rents studios to other creative companies and design studios. 

Plan B

In recent years, this former Philips lab on the De Hurk industrial estate has turned into a creative hotspot. Nowadays the building is home to a large group of start-ups, designers, and artists. Many different disciplines, all united under one roof.

Atelier Allissa en Nienke


The Hallenweg came into being after the Second World War as an economic recovery project. In the early years, it was mainly metal and welding companies that moved here. The buildings were constructed in the style of the ‘Delftse School’ and are hidden behind the Hoogstraat. The street is home to several studios and ateliers, such as Studio van der Zandt, Vij5, and HeyHeydeHaas, and the church of Atelier NL. 

Canal Zone

The Canal Zone is one of the now emerging areas in the city. The NRE site is a small-scale but lively and creative area and has a long history as a former gasworks site. Bart Hess, Nul Zes, and Alissa&Nienke have their studios here. On the other side of the canal, you can find the Campina site, home to the annual Graduation Show of Design Academy Eindhoven, with the workplaces of Bernhard Lenger and Kiki & Joost just a few hundred meters away. A bit further north, on the other side of the water, we find Kade Clubhuis: a diverse club of (social) designers. They share not only an address but also a workshop and the ambition to address social issues.


In these former customs warehouses, the creative workplaces are located right next to the railways. Neighbors include Edhv, Dutch Invertuals, Envisions, and JSPR.