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8x Great collabs between techies and designers

Eindhoven excels in tech and design. When these two worlds come together, you know that smart, unconventional things are about to happen. Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and SIDN fund therefore issued the call 'Techie Seeks Designer'. This resulted in eight socially relevant projects, of which you will certainly hear more in the near future. Curious about which ideas will be further developed? Check this list for a handy overview, including the allocated funding. 

Appt | Helpline for inaccessible apps

Appt helps people with disabilities to use apps. This project will create a hotline where people with disabilities (visual, hearing or motoric) and elderly people can easily report inaccessible apps.

Collab: Foundation Appt and designers Simon Dogger and Hedwich Hooghiemstra

Allocated funding: € 30,000

CoronAlert 2 | All the government news in one place

CoronAlert, initially set up for government announcements about local corona measures, will be further developed with this project into a platform for thematic government news. Government announcements are collected centrally and made available as open data. The platform is aimed at journalists.

Collab: Open State Foundation and design agency Studio Tast

Allocated funding: €29,900

Data Detox Kit | Digital Moral Compass

Glass Room Plus is an exhibition for young people aged 10 and up about privacy and data sharing. The Data Detox Kit helps to get a grip on data. The Digital Moral Compass project is an addition for young people aged 16 -18, to stimulate them to question their own and each other's digital moral compass (critically and permanently).

Collab: Fers and ROC Friese Poort and designers Joes and Manon

Allocated funding: € 29,760

Bright Talents

Filter Me Niet 2 | Prevent Your Content from Being Unjustly Removed

The new copyright law makes platforms such as YouTube and Instagram responsible for the content that creators upload. is an online tool that enables media makers to prevent algorithms from filtering and removing their work unjustly. This follow-up project focuses on the further development of the demo and stimulating the use of the wizard among creatives and media makers.

Collab: Vereniging Open Nederland and YURR studio

Allocated funding: € 29,705

IRMA-meet Redesign | Video Calling with Certainty

IRMA-meet provides a privacy-friendly way to ensure the identity of the person with whom you video call. This project makes IRMA-meet more accessible and better suited to the needs of the target group, such as users from education or legal services.

Collab: ProcoliX and Bureau Moeilijke Dingen

Allocated funding: € 30,000

Privacy Label 2 | Transparent about Personal Data

Privacy Label makes privacy statements of organizations more accessible and transparent. With icons and a concise explanation, the label provides clarity about what happens to your personal data. With Privacy Label 2, the partners are working on a more accessible and educational version for as many organizations as possible.

Collab: The New Explorers and designers Marleen van Bergeijk and Martijn Veenstra

Allocated funding: € 30,000

Bright Talents
Bright Talents

Publicroam | Secure wifi everywhere with publicroam

Publicroam is a wifi service that allows you to go online safely in public spaces. All you have to do is request and activate a publicroam account once. And that is exactly the challenge that publicroam is going to take up together with the designers of Kickoff Lab.

Collab: publicroam and Kickoff Lab

Allocated funding: € 30,000

Solid UI Kit  | Join the Solid ecosystem

Working more and more in the cloud also means less and less control over our data. Solid is an initiative of Sir Tim Berners-Lee to take back control over personal data. To stimulate the development of Solid tools and apps, design agency Jager & Prooi and the data specialists of Ontola are going to work together. With this project, they are developing a Solid User Interface.

Collab: Ontola and design agency Jager & Prooi

Allocated funding: € 30,000