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5x Faces of Sectie-C

With over 250 entrepreneurs, Sectie-C is one of the city's largest and most vibrant incubators. Although to the people working here it feels more like a small village. The high-rise with office spaces is located at the very front, but once through the gate the atmosphere changes to a sanctuary for makers. This is where creatives share massive workshops or have their own intimate studio. Besides furniture makers, social designers and photographers, Sectie-C is also home to theater builders, gallery owners and even a traditional cutler.

With all these different disciplines on one site, there is always someone who can build your website or mill your table cover. The strength of Sectie-C is informal collaborations. 'When you're on your own, you can do what you can do on your own. At Sectie-C, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of the others too.'

Nacho Carbonell - world-famous designer

Many years ago, Nacho Carbonell established his successful studio at Sectie-C. His lamps, chairs, and artworks are playful and like an escape from reality. The surrealistic objects are sold worldwide and seen in museums such as the 21_21 Design Sight in Japan and MoMA San Francisco.

'I like to think of objects as living organisms, I imagine them coming to life and being able to surprise you with their behavior. My designs are made using locally sourced materials I find near my studio.'

Nacho Carbonell door Ralph Roelse

Anne Ligtenberg & Mats Horbach - social designers

Anne Ligtenberg and Mats Horbach are social designers. Together with Blauwe Maan, they are developing the #YOUTOO? platform, which gives social workers tools to bring up the conversation about sexual abuse. Anne is part of the Sectie-C Foundation, which aims to grow the creative ecosystem. Mats is a member of the board of the Sectie-C Association, which represents the interests of the tenant.

'During Dutch Design Week, Sectie-C is a treasured hangout of many design lovers. But we want to organize events more often throughout the year. From June 13-17 we will be participating in Design Open and you can visit various studios here.' 

Anne en Mats door Ralph Roelse

Renee Frankhuizen - Knife sharpener

She is a musician (once with Slagerij van Kampen, now with Betty Blue) and a teacher. But at sixty, Renee Frankhuizen of Scherpeindje is switching paths one more time. Like a Zen monk, she has dedicated herself in mastering the art of high-level knife sharpening. Using Japanese natural stone, she manually sharpens the tools of amateur cooks to celebrity chefs.

'Sectie-C is a wonderful place. I'm a free spirit and this feels like my sanctuary. When I drive through the gate in the morning I think 'yes'. There are days when I spend hours sharpening. In these precious hours, it feels like my stones, my knives and I become the perfect trinity.'

Renee door Ralph Roelse

Britt Roelse - Artist

Artist Britt Roelse works at the intersection of fine art and photography. In addition to autonomous projects, she works on commission for hotels, museums, and art lovers looking for something special. The atmosphere she creates is poetic, baroque, and often inspired by historical stories.

'When I set up my studio at Sectie-C, I found out that my grandfather had worked here in the Stork factory. I love that idea. Stories from the past feed me. Every now and then I pop into Onterfd Goed, which is just down the road. Just to browse through the antiques and forgotten works of art. “Are you falling in love again, dear?’', Jolande, the owner, always says when I'm enchanted by yet another tin spoon from the sixties.'

Britt door Ralph Roelse

Steven Banken - Product designer

Steven Banken is product designer and part of the design collective Collaboration O. Steven works on commission and runs his own product line of furniture and lamps that are sold worldwide.

'The collective workshop is about 240 m2. In addition, everyone at Collaboration O has their own plot of 70 m2. Quite a bit of space for an acceptable price. We share the milling machines, table saws, and pillar drills. And sometimes we take on projects together. With architect Floor Frings, for example, I just renovated a loft in an old Philips factory.'

Steven door Nick Bookelaar