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10x The coolest TU/e student teams

It's a waste to wait until you graduate to make the world a better place. At least, that's what the TU/e student teams think. Do you study in Eindhoven and want to join one of these 60 teams? We highlight a few for you. Already graduated? Then sit back and be amazed by the creativity of these geniuses of the future.


What happens when you combine innovative technology with light art? Team IGNITE delivers the answer with awesome light art. Their place to shine? GLOW, of course! Every year Team IGNITE works on one or more projects you can admire on your GLOW route. For example they help visitors to find the route with their project Paper Trails. These luminous 'paper' planes fly in the right direction, so you know exactly where to go. Pretty cool, right? 

Team IGNITE Paper Trails

University Racing Eindhoven

With an acceleration time of 2.1 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour, meet Eindhoven's fastest student team: University Racing Eindhoven. Here it's simply all about speed! Members build race cars and compete in the world's largest engineering and design competition called the Formula Student Competition. Can't it go fast enough for you, and do you want to help build epic racing cars? Then take a quick look at the website of University Racing Eindhoven.

Solar Team Eindhoven

In one hour, the sun radiates as much energy onto Earth as humanity consumes in a year. In short: we better make good use of that energy. At Solar Team Eindhoven, they know how to do this. They build super-efficient solar-powered cars. With which you can drive much further than with an ordinary electric vehicle. If the sun shines, at least. By creating these solar cars, the students are researching future transportation, and living. With their latest project, Stella Terra, they went even further and developed a solar-terrain vehicle, braving the Moroccan desert.


What would the world look like if you looked at everything from a 360-degree perspective? What is it like to feel your health the same way you feel hunger or cold? Or, what would it look like if you could see the magnetic field around people? Science fiction? Not if you ask student Team HART! They enhance existing senses, develop new ones, and create superheroes by building human enhancement technologies that go beyond biology. Let’s pause for a second, and dive into their latest project: a glove that captures and translates sound into tactile impulses. With such an invention, a deaf person could "hear" without using their ears. Do you still get it?

Team Polar

To combat climate change, we must first understand it. We can retrieve valuable data by researching the oldest and coldest places on Earth. Team Polar is a team of bright minds investigating climate change in Antarctica. Yep, you read that right! They brave harsh temperatures, strong winds, and sky-rocketing glaciers. Luckily, this is precisely Team Polar's strength. They are developing an autonomous solar rover that conducts driverless research at the South Pole. Not only is it much safer and better for the environment, it’s also much cheaper because you need less manpower. And, more research equals? Yes, more knowledge on climate change. 

TUe Team Polar


As if building a car wasn't hard enough. Designing, material choice, and construction: there's a lot involved. Yet the students at TU/ecomotive will go the extra mile. They build super cool cars that are also good for the environment. How, do you ask? Meet Noah, Luca, and Zem. No, we’re not talking about team members here. We’re talking concept cars! Each car is unique but built from sustainable materials, such as flax and bioplastics. Driving has never been more sustainable thanks to Zem, a car that removes CO2 from the air while driving. Like a sneak peek? Check out the website of TU/ecomotive.


Did you know the construction industry is responsible for 38% of global CO2 emissions? We could use some CO2 reduction there! Not an easy task as we’re in need of more housing, and let’s face it: finding a new home is a tough job already. Team VIRTUe has all kinds of solutions. Ones that go beyond a boring heat pump. With their smart systems, Team VIRTUe turns a sustainable house into a sustainable dream home.



No dirty emissions in the city, wonderfully quiet and lightning fast: electric cars are hot! Until your battery runs out. Picture yourself (and your sad face) at the charging station. No more! If you ask the technicians at Inmotion. They are developing super-smart technology that will significantly reduce the charging time of electric cars. Their goal? To make charging as fast as refueling. And they are well on their way! Their latest car, The Revolution, charges from 20% to 80% in just 12 minutes. Why should you apply to this team? From engineering, marketing, or event management, Inmotion has it all. Check their website for open positions. 

Tech United

What do you get when you combine soccer, medical care, and robots?The answer: Tech United. Here, (former) students work on super-complex robots in two different teams. One team builds soccer robots, the other healthcare robots. Why combine the two, you ask? Because by sharing their knowledge, a game of soccer can improve the care of the future. Who would have ever thought that?

FruitPunch AI

Having text typed by ChatGPT is tremendous fun, but Artificial Intelligence goes much further than that. At FruitPunch AI, they understand this all too well. Under the motto "AI for good," an enthusiastic (student) community works on various projects for a better world. With the help of AI and robots, they create solutions for protecting wildlife, improving healthcare, and enhancing food production. Can't get enough of artificial intelligence? Then check out the FruitPunch AI website and see how you can participate. 

TU/e student teams

Didn't find your future student team on this list? No worries! There are even more teams to choose from. Check the TU/e website for all student teams.