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9x Design stories

In Eindhoven, we always celebrate design, with Dutch Design Week as an absolute highlight of the year. Whether you prefer to listen, watch, or read: check out these nine stories about design in Eindhoven!


Documentaries and video portraits

Designing Art
This 6-minute documentary takes you into the world of art and design. Where does one stop and the other one start? Is that question even relevant? And what role does Eindhoven play as a city of creativity? Kiki van Eijk, Nacho Carbonell, Annemoon Geurts, and Wendy Plomp tell you all about it.

Rethinking Mobility
This video takes you into the mobility of tomorrow. From an electric car that generates its own energy with built-in solar panels to a platform for car sharing. A look behind the scenes with young innovative makers and, of course DAF, the company where it all started in Eindhoven.

Yksi Expo: Unfold Icons
Unfold Icons are short video portraits of people from Eindhoven who share their stories in 60 seconds. Watch a short video of Leonne Cuppen, designer, co-founder, and owner of Yksi Expo, a platform that focuses on sustainable design issues and circular design. 



A conversation with...

Annelies Hermsen
As a food designer Annelies Hermsen looks at the world of food and drinks with different eyes. With her designs, she likes to stimulate all senses. Marijn talks to her in her studio at Strijp-R, near Piet Hein Eek. Tip: You can also watch Annelies in our upcoming video series: Hungry for Design!

Jalila Essaïdi 
In the greenery behind Strijp T lies BioArt Laboratories, where Jalila Essaïdi and her team work on bio-innovations at the intersection of creativity, design, technology, and above all nature. In this podcast Jalila talks about her projects and plans for BioArt Lab.

Winny Maas
The cityscape of downtown Eindhoven is changing rapidly and drastically. Co-founder and head architect of MVRDV Winy Maas talks about how the heart of the city is transforming into a better, greener, and more social place to live and work. 

Tante Netty


Stopping by...

Publisher, public gallery, and critical observer. Onomatopee brings you a necessary dose of design criticism. A look behind the scenes at their Canal Zone location.

Tante Netty
With positive interventions, always together with an artist or designer, Tante Netty tries to change neighborhoods in a sustainable way. A conversation about successful bottom-up urban development.

Nando Dolleman
Designer and light artist Nando Dolleman, in his workshop. About the beauty of making mistakes. And Youtube movies about disco balls.