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8x Must-visit events in Eindhoven

Did you know that Eindhoven is bursting with events? Take a look at our event calendar: whether you're a fan of design, light art, or simply looking for an inspiring outing, Eindhoven offers something for everyone. In this list, we share the absolute must-visit events in Eindhoven, which capture the city's energy like no other.

STRP Festival | Annually in April

Eindhoven is the city of technology, design, and knowledge, but where to experience that? In the same year as Dutch Design Week and GLOW, the STRP Festival came to life. A festival that puts art and tech in the spotlight and combines them with societal issues, questioning the future. Don't expect dusty exhibitions, but dive into the world of interactive playgrounds or lose yourself in digital experiences. Prefer to explore without a VR headset? Join the various discussions called scenarios like ‘technology versus society.’

King's Night and King's Day | April 26 & 27

King's Day is not just a party; it's a national holiday. On this day, King Willem-Alexander celebrates his birthday, and that calls for a celebration! In Eindhoven, we know a thing or two about throwing a party—that’s why we’re the host of the largest(!) King's Day festival in the Netherlands. The celebration starts with showing your dance moves till the early hours on King’s Night, and continues during King's Day with performances by (local) bands, usually more than 30 parties, and countless markets. What are you waiting for? Put on your flashy orange outfit and join the fun! Check out our King's Day 101 for more tips on the Orange spectacle.

STRP Festival
STRP Festival

Dutch Tech Festival | Annually in June

Ever wanted to know more about technology? If you didn't already know: Eindhoven (and the region) excels in tech, and the Dutch Tech Festival is even more proof of that. On these days, tech giants and startups open the doors of their high-tech kitchens, for you to get a taste of their impressive technological innovations. Young, old, novice, or expert, there's something for everyone. Children can enjoy themselves during the High Tech Discovery Route, geeks can test their knowledge during the Quiz Night XL, and everyone can learn something from the tech talks.

Step in the Arena | Annually in June

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and more than 150 graffiti artists from all over the world travel to Eindhoven to give De Berenkuil, Europe's largest 'Hall of Fame,' a new layer. Fun fact: in recent years, they've used no less than 17,500 spray cans and more than 3,000 liters of latex. They do this during the Step in the Arena graffiti festival. The festival starts with some prep work: painting all walls black to get a blank canvas, creating space for all kinds of graffiti—from photorealism to postmodern.

Step in the Arena
Step in the Arena

Eindhoven Maker Faire | Annually in September

During the Eindhoven Maker Faire, the city turns into one big playground for children (and adults) with making as the main focus. A fixed part of the two-day fest is the Crazy Parade, a parade where you can marvel at all kinds of extraordinary creations and extravagant cosplayers parading through the city. Prefer to get your hands dirty? Creatives, inventors, designers, hackers, and artists are ready to bring your wacky ideas to life. PS Are you a fan of steampunk? The Maker Faire is a must-visit!

Lichtjesroute | Annually from September 18

In Eindhoven, we celebrate the liberation of the city with the sparkling lights of the Lichtjesroute. On September 18, 1944, the people of Eindhoven welcomed the Allied troops with candles in their windows, as one of the first to be freed in the Netherlands. To this day, we continue this tradition; Nowadays with a 22-kilometer long route full of lights through the city.


Dutch Design Week | Annually in October

We often call Eindhoven the design capital of the Netherlands, and we have every right to do so thanks to Dutch Design Week. We don't like to tell you what to do, but life isn't complete without a visit to Northern Europe's largest design event. Why? Not only do you get to meet more than 2600 talented designers and their innovative designs, but you also get to know the city even better. From Strijp-S to Kanaalzone, the festival spreads over more than 120 locations throughout the city. With lectures, exhibitions, workshops, and a lot of parties (a visit to The Bar at Ketelhuisplein is a must), you can taste the energy of Eindhoven for nine days straight. What more could you want?

GLOW | Annually in November

Eindhoven has often been nicknamed the 'City of Light,' and although that has nothing to do with lightbulbs and everything to do with matches (we'll save this history lesson for another time), we do honor that name with the GLOW light festival. This international light art festival shines its light on Eindhoven every year with the work of 30 (inter)national light artists. GLOW presents a walking route of about an hour that takes you along all light artworks. Tip: grab an oliebol and a glühwein to complete your evening of GLOW-ing!


The ultimate Eindhoven bucket list

Whether you're in Eindhoven for 24 hours or coming to live here, there are things you must have done either way. Such as visiting Dutch Design Week, attend a PSV soccer game and have a drink with panoramic views at VANE. 

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