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10x Michelin star restaurants

It's quite exciting, isn't it? Which restaurant – or let's be honest, which chef – will be awarded with a shiny Michelin star? It's a good excuse for us to take stock and do some research for fellow foodies. We've compiled a nifty list for you of Eindhoven's fanciest dining spots sporting a star, a Bib Gourmand badge, or even an honorable mention in the fancy Michelin guide.

Wiesen *

Yuri and Jessie Wiesen's restaurant has garnered widespread acclaim for their dishes crafted with finesse and vibrant flavors. They aptly describe their creations as 'classic with a modern twist and influences from around the globe.' Each plate is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a testament to their culinary artistry. 

Zarzo *

Zarzo embraces a contemporary culinary journey, sprinkled with nods to the classical Spanish cuisine that forms the foundation of Chef Adrian Zarzo's expertise. Whether you opt for a tasting menu or the à la carte options, you're in for a treat that features both local and global ingredients. And what's a culinary experience without a glass of fine wine? Luckily, they've mastered that as well. 

UMAMI by Han

If you're a fan of communal feasting and reveling in a shared experience, UMAMI is your calling. At this delightful spot, social dining is the name of the game. According to the discerning Michelin guide, UMAMI not only delivers delectable flavors but also offers top-notch value, earning them the coveted Bib Gourmand status. And don't forget to explore beyond the main dining area – UMAMI boasts an open Food Bar teeming with fruits de mer and a steam kitchen crafting an array of bapao with pickled veggies. 



Ready for a gastronomic delight served up by the culinary maestro, Chef de Cuisine Daan van Lieshout? Secure a spot at Doyy for an unforgettable experience! The service (hello there, hospitable host Yavuz Yildrim) is warm and inviting, the flavors are like a delightful symphony, and the chef's quite good a making your tastebuds tingle ... the good way! An absolute must-try, if you'd ask us. 

De Luytervelde

Up north of Eindhoven, you will find restaurant De Luytervelde within a charming former farmhouse and its accompanying garden. They proudly proclaim to hold the key to genuine indulgence, a secret they're more than eager to share with their esteemed guests. 


Prepare to be amazed by the innovative spirit of the Goyvaerts brothers – Jip, Jesse, and Yelle – as they work their magic in an exceptionally unique piece of Eindhoven history: the refectory of the DOMUSDELA complex. They've mastered the works of the kitchen thanks to greats like Yuri Wiesen and have now crafted their own culinary realm. Can't snag a table at their main establishment? Fear not, for their sister restaurant Victoria is equally divine. 


Zuid by Adrian Zarzo

You've got it right, Zuid by Adrian Zarzo is *another* restaurant of none other than star chef Adrian Zarzo. In his second culinary haven, he treats you to a delightful fusion of trendy dishes with a Mediterranean flair. And guess what? If you can't get enough of the Zarzo magic, just settle in at his adjacent Bodega for stellar wines and bites worthy of the stars themselves. 


Eindhoven's only sky-high bar was probably already on your bucket list, but let's not forget to make room for VANE's restaurant experience as well. Nestled on the uppermost floor of the NH Collection Eindhoven Centre Hotel, the talented Carlo Chantrel is whipping it up. And trust us, just like Michelin, we love to see it.


Mei Wah

When it comes to Michelin restaurants in Eindhoven, there's certainly no shortage, and Mei Wah is no exception. This gem has been earning its honorable mention in the guide for years, and rightfully so. Across generations, this authentic restaurant has been wowing diners with its ingenious fusion of traditional Chinese recipes and a contemporary touch, creating an experience that's as timeless as it is modern. 

Bistro Sophie

Craving that Michelin-star experience but in a laid-back setting? Look no further than Bistro Sophie. Here, you can sink into vintage aesthetics while treating your taste buds to a gastronomic journey like no other. So pull up a chair, soak in the ambiance, and indulge in a multi-course dining extravaganza that's nothing short of extraordinary.