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7x Good noodles

Craving a comforting, delicious bowl of noodles? Eindhoven has a wide variety of noodle hotspots. Check one of these seven restaurants, and score a bowl!

XU Noodle Bar

At XU Noodle Bar, they start preparing their fresh noodles and broths early in the morning. This freshness conceals an intense taste. Looking for a richly filled noodle soup with real Chinese flavors? Then XU is the place to be. And while you’re at it, order the dumplings or the Ebi tempura as a cheeky side dish. A final tip: there’s a veggie or vegan version of everything on the menu. 

Takumi Ramen

If you speak Japanese, Takumi already reveals what they serve: authentic Sapporo noodles. Slurp your noodles in shio, shoyu, and miso broth, while enjoying a typical Japanese lemonade called Ramune. Keep an eye out for the monthly special. 

Xu Noodlebar
Xu Noodlebar


Ready to slurp? Dadawan is just the spot for you. In this fusion restaurant, the culinary styles of Europe and Asia come together in their ramen dishes. You’re at the right place when you’re craving a homemade noodle soup filled with seaweed and fresh vegetables.   


Forget what you know about noodles, and order at Vietnamama, located in the Down Town Gourmet market. Vietnamama serves noodles in an unusual manner: in a salad. The flavors, as well as the names of the dishes, will put a smile on your face: The ‘ideal son-in-law’ with beef, ‘the pink temptation’ with shrimp, or ‘delicious fat’ with pork. Prefer something hot? Then opt for the pho or the newest addition to the menu: a traditional hotpot. 

iWok & Go

Want to create your own noodle dish? Visit iWok & Go. At this place, you can create your ideal stir-fry with Japanese udon or Chinese egg noodles as a basis. Choose your toppings and sauce, and you've got your perfect dish. In this way, you can try an infinite variety of noodle dishes. Perfect if you’re craving something different. 

Street Food by Han


At the Noedobar, you can order noodles two ways: fried or in a broth. At most restaurants, you will find noodle dishes inspired by the cuisine of just one country. At Noedobar, you can taste influences from different parts of Asia. The flavors of Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan all come together at Stratumseind. 

Streetfood by Han 

Lucky cats wave at you as soon as you enter Streetfood by Han. In this way, you’re off to a good start at Streetfood by Han. The menu is full of healthy alternatives for fast food. Try their delicious ramen noodles in a coconut-based soup. Also try other popular Asian street food, such as steamed buns, a poke bowl, or one of the clay pot dishes.