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7x Cozy restaurants

Some restaurants make you feel right at home: good food and great company will serve you that familiar homey feeling. Just cozy vibes all over! Could see yourself hanging around spots like this? Well, read along if you're looking for cozy those restaurants!

Restaurant Iris

You’ll find restaurant IRIS in one of the most charming neighborhoods of Eindhoven: the Iris neighborhood. Hence the name. This restaurant feels like a good old pub, but focusses on much more than beers. Here, it's all about vegetables. Thanks to their everchanging menu, vegetables steal the show every. single. time. Sounds good, right?

De Karseboom

One of Eindhoven's most charming (and oldest cafes) is De Karseboom, which you can find on Grote Berg. Both inside and outside, makes you feel right at home. Wether you're looking for a spot for a veggie meal, a drink, or an extensive dinner, this is it. Summer tip: The ultra-green courtyard garden is where it's at during hot days.

De Huiskamer

Huiskamer literally translates to living room. What's in a name! Thanks to De Huiskamer's fine decor (vintage furniture all over) this place will make you feel right at home. While you're admiring local art on the wall, why don't you try a delicious Surinamese snack? Owner Aaisja definitely  knows what's up. Long story short: make sure to stop by sometimes. You won't regret it!

De Huiskamer Strijp-S
De Huiskamer Strijp-S

Ketelhuis Strijp-S

Industrial cold? Well, think twice! At the Ketelhuis they prove to you that industrial can be cozy. This former Philips transformer used to convert electricity to a lower voltage, so people could safely use electricity at home. Nowadays, you can enjoy lunch, dinner, or a drink (hello Slovenian natural wine) at this hot spot.


The cozy vibes start off nice with the menus shaped like LPs at Gusto-040. From vegan treats to Mediterranean bites, as befits a cozy restaurant, you'll also score a daily meal here Monday through Thursday. 

De Huiskamer

The Trafalgar Pub

British cuisine is not necessarily one to write home about, but a homemade Shepherd's pie from The Trafalgar Pub will certainly do the trick. In terms of atmosphere, the British always know how to make a party and the same applies to this little place on Dommelstraat. Another advantage: it is very affordable and they have beer in abundance.

Eetcafé Bommel

Last but not least: Eetcafé Bommel. Here, every day someone else is spinning the menu with affordable culinary delights as a result. Choose from meat, fish or the vegetarian menu and you'll be provided with a starter and a main course. Top it off with dessert (hello lemon cheesecake) or a specialty coffee. Enjoy!