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9x Pancakes in Eindhoven

The pancake. In the Netherlands, we sometimes pretend we invented it, but nothing could be further from the truth. That honor goes to the Chinese, who passed along the first pancake recipes to European crusaders as early as the 12th century. All right, enough pancake history. By now, you can get a pancake in nearly every self-respecting breakfast joint. From classic Dutch pancakes to French crepes and American pancakes: these are Eindhoven's pancake hotspots. 

Pancake restaurant de Proeftuin

As Eindhoven's only pancake restaurant, De Proeftuin has to be at the top of this list. It shouldn't surprise you, but pancakes with apples and pears from the Philips Fruittuin are the stars of their menu. They also serve savory pancakes with cheese, ham, or salami. Ready to go on a culinary adventure? Order one of the chef's specials, such as a pancake with smoked salmon or goat cheese. Not a fan of pancakes? No problem! You can also get soup with bread or a salad. 

The Corner

When you think of "authentic international cuisine," you may not immediately think of pancakes. But, lucky for you, The Corner's chef Yamani is a real pancake lover. On the menu, you will find a variety of typical Dutch pancakes. With apple, cinnamon, and raisins or Nutella, for example. Prefer something exotic? Try the pancake with strawberry and mint. Or the one with tutti frutti. Delicious! Want to check your mail while eating? The Wi-Fi password is 'pannenkoeken' (Dutch for pancakes!). 

The Corner

Meneer de Boer

If you serve breakfast all day, you can't get away with not having pancakes on your menu. Meneer de Boer understands that very well. That is why you can order delicious fresh blueberry or banana pancakes here. They are American instead of Dutch pancakes, but we turn a blind eye to that. You can find Meneer de Boer on the Wal!


Breakfast lovers can also eat their (pancake) hearts out across the street at Dirven. You will find all kinds of small dishes on the menu, which you can mix and match to create your dream breakfast. And yes, one of those delicious treats is a banana pancake. 

Brownies & Downies

Het Koffiehuisje

The cozy Koffiehuisje near Philips Stadium is a great place to eat, especially if you're craving some pancakes. On the menu, you will find American pancakes with maple syrup, yogurt, fresh fruit, and homemade granola. If that's not a feast on a plate, we don't know what is. Perfect for a Sunday brunch! 

Brownies & Downies

You always leave with a big smile at Brownies & Downies at Victoria Park. Because of the fantastic service from the lovely staff, but also definitely because of the delicious food. The menu offers three great American pancakes: brownie crumble, red fruit, and lemon curd. Is your mouth watering already? 

Crêpe Shack

If a place is always busy, they must be doing something right. At Crêpe Shack on Kruisstraat, they serve authentic crepes. But what distinguishes a pancake from a crepe? Crepes are usually made from buckwheat flour. In addition, they are wafer-thin and honey golden rather than golden brown. Besides the sweet classics with Nutella or syrup, they also serve crepes with Oreo and Kinder Bueno. Do you prefer savory? Try the crepes Chicken Piri Piri, Mexicano, or Salmon. 

Meneer de Boer

The Happiness Café 

A regular in our lists of delicious breakfasts and lunches is The Happiness Café. Rightly so: they just know what’s really good!. Pamper yourself with a blueberry pancake or Nutella pancake, or go wild with the pancake party. It's actually for kids, but I'm sure they won't mind if you order a pancake party for yourself. 

Het Wasven

We conclude with a hotspot where you can get delicious classic Dutch pancakes: Wasven. On the menu? Pancakes with cheese, bacon, syrup, or powdered sugar. Or a combination of all of those toppings. Wasven is located in the middle of nature, yet close to the city. Perfect if you really want to get away from it all!