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9x Fine-dining restaurants

If you have seen our list of Michelin restaurants, then you know: Eindhoven knows a thing or two about food. But this culinary city has many more restaurants in store for you. From modern Turkish cuisine to high-class Italian, you will enjoy yourself at these fine-dining restaurants.

Dijk 9

Smooth with a touch of chic. That's how restaurant Dijk 9 describes itself. And we completely agree! You can go any direction here: from classic dishes to the ultimate fine-dining experience, including wines. 

Gastrobar Luzt

Do you enjoy the luxuries of life? Then you will definitely enjoy yourself at Gastrobar Luzt. Choose a chef's menu (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses) and kick off the evening with an oyster or (vegetarian) foie gras. Delicious! 

Fifth NRE

Whether you're looking for a spot to grab lunch, have a drink, enjoy a coffee, or indulge in a fine-dining menu: in every field Fifth NRE is your go-to.

Fifth NRE
Fifth NRE


You'll find this fine-dining restaurant on the cozy Wilhelminalpein, in a former residence built in ... 1910! In 2006, the house was transformed into a restaurant. We're still very pleased about the fact! 


Always wanted a taste of modern Turkish cuisine? One of Eindhoven's newest additions to the fine-dining scene is Nev. The menu is like a tribute to Turkish dishes from all kinds of regions. Opt for à la carte or a surprise menu with matching Turkish wines. We already know what we would order: the octopus salad with lavender and a glass of orange wine, please!

Dinner in Motion

Suppose you are looking for a unique dining experience, then we have just the tip for you: Dinner in Motion. Of course you will be served a delicious dinner, but what makes this place really special is the light show. It turns every dish into an even cooler experience. 



We shouldn't say it, but Kazerne is one of our favorites regarding Italian cuisine. Whether it's a risotto with langoustine or a classic melanzane, chef Giovanni Gabana knows how to make every dish a party. The same, of course, goes for his chef's menu.

World Kitchen by Shiran

Small restaurant with worldly flavors. Celebrity chef Shiran Mieras runs World Kitchen by Shiran. He acquired knowledge and skills in various restaurants: Luc Bellings **, Yves Mattagne **, and Sergio Herman ***. Nowadays, the former sous chef of The Jane knows how to convey his eye for detail and unerring feel in his Eindhoven spot. 

El Puente

Always wanted to go on a trip around the world? At El Puente, each dish is inspired by a different country, so with each new course, you imagine yourself in other spheres for just a moment. Order a good glass of wine, and your evening at this fine-dining restaurant is complete.