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5x Next level fries

Once in a while you just crave a greasy bite. Whether you've got a (New Year's) hangover or just aren't in the mood foor cooking: Let's forget about calories and simply enjoy. We won't judge. In fact, we are happy to tell you where to get the very best fries. From divine thick Flemish fries to downright culinary options: these are the places to go!

Dik en lang 

Dik en Lang (Thick and Long) at the Jan van Lieshoutstraat is a household name in Eindhoven, and not just because of its wonderful name. Here, you get a solid portion of hand-cut, thick (and long) Flemish fries with matching Belgian mayonnaise. But their real specialty? That is the 'Supertje catamaran speciaal'. A catamaran boat of frikandellen (deep-fried sausages), with fries, curry ketchup, and onions in the center. Ingenious. 

De Frietbar

The days when French fries topped with beef stew was the most exciting thing you could order in a snack bar are long gone. At De Frietbar on the Keizersgracht, they pimp your fries with all kinds of exotic toppings. From Italian truffle fries to teriyaki chicken fries and everything in between. They have elevated the well-known chili cheese fries to an art form. Not in the mood for something fancy? Get a portion of fries without bells and whistles.

Dirty Fries

Underdog in the world of fries in Eindhoven is Dirty Fries at Aalsterweg. The best dirty fries in Eindhoven, if they may say so themselves. When you see their loaded fries, you almost believe you are eating a healthy meal: there are enough vegetables on top to reassure your parents. They also sell burgers, salads, and buckets of chicken. So indulge yourself!  

FRIET van Piet (Hein Eek)

You probably already knew that Piet Hein Eek at Strijp-R is the place to go for a good meal. But did you know that the Piet empire also has a design-worthy fries corner? The menu is nice and short, but very exciting. Go for regular fries with one of the homemade sauces, or loaded fries with mushrooms or spicy pulled chicken. And of course, you top it off with one of the homemade snacks, such as the truffle croquette. Delicious! 

Guilty Pleasures

Your secret's safe with us. At the guilt-inducing Guilty Pleasures, you can score the most delicious snacks. And the best part: everything is homemade with local ingredients. From the potatoes for the fries to the eggs for the mayo and from the mushrooms for the risotto croquet to the dough of the burger buns. You won't be disappointed!