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8x Poke bowls in Eindhoven

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It sounds funky, but what the heck is a poke bowl? Stop what you're doing; we'll explain! Poke means cut in Hawaiian, and that's exactly what you see in your bowl: fresh fish, fresh mango, and plenty of healthy vegetables. All on a comfortable bed of (sushi) rice. Lucky for you, you don't have to travel all the way to Hawaii. Eindhoven has plenty of tasty hotspots, with traditional and rather exciting poke bowls. Gotta catch 'em all!

Miss Temaki

Let's share another fun fact (because why not?): 'temaki' stands for 'handmade,' which where the hand-rolled nori cones with sushi inside get their name from! Whether you're wandering around Strijp-S or finding your way to Down Town Gourmet Market, Miss Temaki will make you fall in love even before you take your first bite. How about a vegan Riceberry Creamcheese Roll, salmon sashimi, or a pokébowl with spicy tuna and avocado? We'll have two of those, please! 

MOOD Streetfood

Restaurant MOOD has a hip younger brother at Nieuwe Emmasingel: MOOD Streetfood. Whereas the sushi boats are almost flying around at restaurant MOOD, at MOOD Streetfood, you're bombarded with trendy neon signs, Asian finger food, and tasty poke bowls. One thing's for sure: now we're hungry.

MOOD Streetfood Eindhoven


Grab your Thuisbezorgd app, hop on your bike for take-away, or fill your tummy right on site. At Chaijä at Strijp-S, the lovely neighbor of restaurant MOOD, they will steal your heart with fresh and delicious seafood. From crispy calamari to well-filled pitas with kibbeling (fried cod). And from fish and chips - okay, the chips are not from the sea - to finger-licking good poke bowls with salmon. Yummy!


Get ready for the best of both worlds! We're talking about the hot mix of Mexican cuisine and "poke" from Hawaii. Add a touch of Japanese flavor, and the party can begin! At Ritos, choosing isn't easy (good luck choosing from nine different, attractive poke bowls ...), so we'll leave that up to you. Well, you know what? Let's share a tip anyway: try the "mama tofu." You're welcome!

Soju Bar

Ladies and gentlemen, we have something exciting for you. They will be opening soon, but we are fans (yes, already)! Entirely in Korean style, you will enjoy the "fried chicken dad's spicy sweet" bowl at Soju Bar, just to name one of the bowls on their menu. This tasty alternative to the traditional poke bowl definitely deserves some attention. Besides this dish made in heaven, they serve absolutely delicious kimbap. Similar to sushi but with bulgogi (classic Korean beef) instead of raw fish. We're sold!

Chajia Eindhoven


Well-known for its delicious sushi, restaurant Sakana is no stranger in and around Eindhoven. At this all-you-can-eat, your table will be loaded with luxurious sushi, such as nigiri, maki, and temaki (you know what it is now!). Don't forget to order a mini poke bowl on the side. After all, that's what this whole article is about! 

Jimmy Green

You may have seen the Roll or Bowl food trucks at a festival, but lucky for us, they have a permanent location downtown: Jimmy Green. This is where you walk in for a tasty, healthy meal! Are you vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or just someone who loves banging good food? There is something for everyone, including a persian style bowl with lots and lots of vegetables. Jimmy is your guy!


It is no longer a secret that you can eat delicious and affordable food at the popular Dadawan. With their Oriental and Western cuisine, they are slowly taking over the Southeast of the Netherlands, including Eindhoven. Don't be discouraged by the long waiting line - because there can be one (it's popular for a reason!). However, we recommend ordering everything from the menu! Just kidding, of course. One of our favorites is the Poké Wan Tempura with crispy shrimp and homemade Poké Wan sauce. That's going to be tasty!