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6x Juicy burgers

Delicious, juicy burgers: who doesn’t love them? No shortage of burger bars and fast food restaurants in Eindhoven. Even too many to mention, but to help you find the most delicious burgers in town, we put together a list!

De Burger

Big burgers, mini burgers, chicken burgers, truffle burgers, vegan burgers: plenty of choice at De Burger! Order a cold beer and your favorite burger and sit outside on the cozy terrace facing the Kerkstraat. It can be crowded, but it's definitely worth the wait (that's where the beers comes in handy)!

Five guys

In America, Five Guys was named the country’s best hamburger chain, and last year they opened their first Dutch restaurant in Eindhoven. Everything is fresh and hand-prepared and the fries are fried in pure peanut oil. Tip: Not only are the burgers finger-licking good, you definitely have to try the milkshakes (like the one with peanut butter)!

Woeste Burgers

You can find burger hotspot Woeste (wild) Burgers at Down Town Gourmet Market. Choose from multiple variants, such as a lamb burger, chicken burger with bacon and tzatziki, a vegetarian burger or a falafel burger. Everything is freshly prepared. Wildy delicious!

De Burger Eindhoven


Next to dozens of delicious beers at the Stadsbrouwerij (city brewery), you can choose from a variety of burgers. Go for the vegetable burger, aïoli burger or choose the BBQ cheeseburger. All burgers are served on delicious crispy brewers grain bread.

Toasted & Roasted

Toasted & Roasted on the Nieuwsstraat is known for its grilled sandwiches, but you can also switch it up by choosing one of their 10 burgers. From Mexican flavor to pulled pork and from brie to vegan, and the best part: most products are organic.

Good Food Republic

Hidden between the old factories on the industrial NRE grounds, you'll find Good Food Republic. Under one roof, you can eat mouthwatering burgers, tacos, or soupabowls. But we were talking about burgers! Making a choice can be tricky, especially when it comes to meat. That's why they have the Rib Off (not to be confused with rip-off...) on the menu. In other words, a juicy burger with spare ribs on top!