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7x Bars with live music

What could be better than drinking a beer at a bar? Drinking a beer at a bar with live music, of course. Fortunately, Eindhoven has plenty of spots where you can do just that. We have listed a few of the best music spots for you! Don't let the names mislead you: Dutch 'cafés' are just like bars. With alcohol! 

Café Wilhelmina

They are probably trying to be humble, but Café Wilhelmina at Wilhelminaplein says it "might very well be the best music café in Eindhoven". We like ballsy statements, so we put them at the top of this list. Expect great things from Wilhelmina, like several performances a week! From uplifting jazz to funky rockabilly: usually, it's something you can dance to! Check their music calendar.  

Irish Pub O'Sheas

O'Sheas on Jan van Lieshoutstraat is up for the challenge, as they claim to be "the best place for live music without a doubt". You know what, we'll let you decide who wins. In any case, every Friday and Saturday, you can go wild at O'Sheas. Dancing is allowed, no, mandatory. Check their program

Café ‘t Rozenknopje

At ‘t Rozenknopje, better known as the living room of Gestel, there's weekly musical entertainment. This iconic pub on the Hoogstraat offers intimate acoustic performances and danceable live music. Oh! And they do great food. Get yourself a seat and enjoy the night that lies ahead. Find their program here

Café Altstadt

With its large stage, Altstadt far exceeds the level of a simple bar for live music. You need a ticket for most of the gigs here. The good news? They never cost much, and the shows are definitely worth your money. You'll find everything here that deserves the label alternative, from punk rock to futuristic hip hop. As long as it’s cool. Grab your earplugs and go! Check their program.  

Café The Jack

Another place where they're definitely not averse to heavy music is The Jack. Every month, there's a gig with a healthy dose of hardcore guitars. Most of them are free of charge; we love that! You can find the event calendar here


When it comes to places with enough self-confidence, FIFTH takes the cake. They lovingly call their music venue, The Stage, 'little Paradiso', after the famous venue in Amsterdam. To be fair, they also live up to that title with an excellent program. FIFTH collaborates with the Effenaar and Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. Their specialty? Everything in the field of jazz, soul, and blues. You can find their program here.

Stage Music Café

You can't call your place Stage Music Café if you don't have a stage for music. At Stage Music, they have something for everyone. Rock, upbeat pop, jazz, hip hop, you name it. Check out their program for the next month. Do you like to stand in the spotlights yourself? Every first Saturday of the month, a karaoke band plays here. And every last Saturday, they organize a jam session. Great fun!