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Eindhoven Museum

Boutenslaan 161
5644TV Eindhoven

Eindhoven museum manages two museum collections: the City Historical Collection and the Prehistoric Village.

Philips Museum
Philips Museum

Emmasingel 31
5611 AZ Eindhoven

The old factory where Philips made his first incandescent lamp, has undergone extensive renovation and been extended to an interactive museum where heritage...

DAF Museum
DAF Museum

Tongelresestraat 27
5613 DA Eindhoven

A lasting memory about entrepreneurship in the city of Eindhoven is the DAF Museum. Amongst others because it houses a forge.

PSV Museum
PSV Museum

Stadionplein 4 Ingang 17
5616 RX Eindhoven

Entrance 17 of Philips Stadium will take you to the PSV Museum where you can relive the most important events in the 100 years' history of PSV. A must-see...

Van Abbemuseum
Van Abbemuseum Foto

Bilderdijklaan 10
5611 NH Eindhoven

Van Abbemuseum is one of the most prestigious museums for modern at with an international collection of more than 2,700 works of art, including works by...

Ton Smits Huis
Ton Smits Huis

Jacob Reviuslaan 25
5644 TP Eindhoven

This museum is dedicated to visual artist Ton Smits (1921-1981).

De Steenarend
De Steenarend

Strijpsestraat 63
5616 GL Eindhoven

Edelsteenslijperij, winkel en museum


Dommelstraat 2 a
5611 CK Eindhoven

One of the smallest museums in the Netherlands exhibits one of the largest international painting collections in the country.

Karel 1 Museumcafé
Karel 1 Museumcafé

Stratumsedijk 2
5611ND Eindhoven

In the city centre of Eindhoven, situated next to the Van Abbemuseum, Karel 1 Museumcafé offers an infinite range of possibilities. Open during the day...

preHistorisch Dorp
Prehistorisch Dorp

Boutenslaan 161 b
5644 TV Eindhoven

A lost city comes to life again at the Eindhoven Museum. The heritage park explains the life in Eindhoven farms and houses in the pre-historic and Middle...

Genneper Parken
Genneper Parken

Antoon Coolenlaan 1
5644 RX Eindhoven

Genneper Parks is versatile sports- and leisure area in the south of Eindhoven.

Berenkuil Eindhoven
De Berenkuil

Insulindelaan 1
5624 EB Eindhoven

De Berenkuil (or Insulindeplein) is a two storeys roundabout in Eindhoven: ground floor for all car traffic and underneath a cross section of bicycle paths.

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven
Intell Hotels Art Eindhoven

Lichttoren 22
5611BJ Eindhoven

Ideally located in the city center in the monumental Philips Light Tower. Every room is individually designed and the loft rooms in the light tower offer...

Emma District

Nieuwe Emmasingel 1
5611 AM Eindhoven

Shops and prime restaurants and pubs, with complementary leisure such as the Philips Museum and JT 'cinema of the future'. This shopping street has a retro...

B&B Inkijkmuseum

Dommelstraat 2 A
5611CK Eindhoven

The Inkijkmuseum is located in the historical 'Washhouse' build in 1884 in the center of Eindhoven. It is located besides the river Dommel and musiccenter...

3BE Backpackers B&B

Stratumsedijk 31
5611 NB Eindhoven

3BE is an atmospheric hostel that has a relaxed radiance.

B&B Eugenie
B&B Eugenie

Godschalk Rosemondtstraat 9
5611TJ Eindhoven

B&B Eugenie is situated in a quiet residential area.

Park Plaza Hotel Eindhoven
Park Plaza Hotel

Geldropseweg 17
5611SC Eindhoven

This four-star hotel is situated in Eindhoven city centre.

Kunsthandel Rembrandt
Gallery Rembrandt

Kleine Berg 42
5611 JV Eindhoven

Galery for modern arts and frame-maker.

Hotel Mariënhage
Hotel Mariënhage Exterior

Kanaalstraat 4
5611 CT Eindhoven

A dream location in the dynamic design hub of Eindhoven, boutique Hotel Mariënhage.

Motion Imagination Experience
Motion Imagination Experience

Piazza 64

The Motion Imagination Experience is a unique experience where innovation, digital light art, and experience come together.

Queen Hotel Eindhoven
Queen Hotel Eindhoven

Markt 7
5611EB Eindhoven

Queen radiates an amicable atmosphere, at the restaurant, the bar as well as on the terrace. It doesn't have the pretensions of a star restaurant, but...


Noord Brabantlaan 1 A
5652LA Eindhoven

Evoluon is an extraordinary building in Eindhoven in the shape of a flying saucer.

Academisch Genootschap
Academisch Genootschap Parklaan

Parklaan 93
5613 BC Eindhoven

The Eindhoven society 'Het Academisch Genootschap' (AG) offers its members the opportunity to meet each-other and to explore their interest in cultural...