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5x Outdoor sports & exercises

Now that the gyms are closed and physical classes are on hold, we go on walks en masse. But did you know that Eindhoven is perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports and exercises? From freerunning to skating, we have selected five sports for you to try!


Usually, Basketball is a team effort, but some personal practice won't hurt. EMOVES, a cooperative between Dynamo, Area51, and The Ruggeds, has put all urban sports venues in Eindhoven on an urban map. Find a basketball court or pole and practice your dribble and dunk.  


Are you willing to go the extra mile? Then put on your running shoes! Lots of nature surround the city, and in every dynamic district, there is a suitable place to practice this outdoor sport. Using the Strava app, you can plan your routes and track your running activity. Tip: cyclists can use the app too.



As a city of urban sports, freerunning cannot be missing from this list. The great thing about this sport is that you can practice it almost anywhere. The city is your playground! When the gyms are open again, we would like to recommend Commit040, the perfect place to improve your freerun skills.

Skating, skateboarding & BMX

Area51, located at Strijp-S, may call itself the largest skate and BMX hall of the Benelux (score!). Now that they are closed, skaters, skateboarders, and BMX'ers have to practice their beloved urban sport elsewhere. Fortunately, Urban Sportprak is just a stone's throw away from the sports complex.


We still wanted to end this list with the public's favorite: walking. Whether you're going for 10,000 steps a day or going on a stroll, there are enough hiking trails to try. Enjoy both the Eindhoven architecture and nature with one of our routes. Enjoy!