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11x Extraordinary houses

From a forest house that you can slide apart when the sun shines to a charming 3D printed house. Eindhoven is home to several iconic buildings, each unique in its own way. From historic villas to high-tech homes: these are eleven places that are definitely worth a look.

Villa Fifty-Fifty

What: Pavilion-style family home near the forest
Design: Studioninedots
Fun fact: Half house, half garden in one single volume: Villa Fifty-Fifty is an equal balance of indoor spaces and outdoor spaces.
Where: Strijp-R

Nature House

What: Extendable Garden House (which went viral).
Design: Caspar Schols
Fun fact: The sliding parts allow the house to be adapted to weather and mood conditions. The 'inner shell' of the house is double glazed, the insulated 'outer shell' is made of wood with a steel roof.
Where: In the garden of Caspar's mother. After the garden house went viral, Caspar created ANNA, which is now for sale as a unique nature house or relaxing meeting spot. In the Holenberg forest there are also five ANNA's where you can stay overnight.

Project Milestone

What: 3D printed concrete house
Design: TU/e, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix, Witteveen+Bos and Van Wijnen
Fun fact: First 3D printed concrete house in the Netherlands. This is number one, but soon there will be five of them in total. While the first houses will be printed in the factory, number five will be printed on location.
Where: Meerhoven

House designed by Caspar - Photo: Rob Stork
Project Milestone

Villa de Laak

What: Villa commissioned by Anton Philips and built in 1907. De Laak was also used as a guest stay for Philips' high-ranking guests and foreign visitors to Eindhoven.
Design: Johan Wilhelm Hanrath
Fun fact: Next to the villa are an orangery, coach house, gardener's house and a beautiful garden designed by Leonard Springer. The villa was among the first houses in Eindhoven to have electric lighting.
Where: Parklaan 99

Urban villas

What: New build villas
Design: Diederendirrix
Fun fact: The building accommodates two villas, but on the outside it is impossible to see where one begins and the other ends.
Where: Behind the Grote Berg

Elevated houses

What: Terraced houses on a pedestal
Design: Bygg Architecture
Fun fact: The ‘Verheven Huisjes’ pay tribute to Woensel-West's characteristic working-class houses.
Where: At the Edisonplein

Villa de Laak

Working community

What: Reallocation of monuments and new building for people with mental disabilities
Design: Stripes Architects
Fun fact: This residential and work community was realized in 2011 at one of the most beautiful locations in Eindhoven. The Genneper Parken is a cultural-historical landscape where a few farms, meadows and fields still remain.
Where: Genneper Parks

The Glass House

What: Residential house and workplace, completed in 2019
Design: Architects|and|en
Fun fact: The house was designed within the framework of architect Johan Wilhelm Hanrath (1867-1932), and is half glass and half brick.
Where: At the Stadswandelpark

Home office

What: Workspace of a furniture designer
Design: Architects |en|en
Fun fact: Existing garage was wrapped in corrugated aluminum sheets. 
Result: A bright workspace without the feeling of being in a garage.
Where: Schuttersbosch

Villa Fifty-Fifty Design by Studio Ninedots Photo by Frans Parthesius
Stripse Architects Photo by RT Fotografie

Live-work units

What: Building established in 2020 with multiple live-work units
Design: FAAM architects
Fun fact: The building with green roof terraces solves everything in the volume (living, working, parking and recreation).
Where: NRE site, side Nachtegaallaan

Living in a former pump house

What: These homes, completed in 2016, are the first project by Piet Hein Eek and Iggie Dekkers.
Design: Eek and Dekkers
Fun fact: Eek and Dekkers: "We decided to take out one grid in the heart of the building and sacrifice two windows on either side of the building. In this way we created an open inner street in which roof terraces facing south could be realized. The sun rises and sets beautifully over the building, parallel to the new interior street."
Where: Strijp-R (building RAG, former Philips pump house).