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The Creative Handshake: Niels Hoebers

We can't say it enough: Eindhoven is bursting with talent. The documentaries of The Creative Handshake introduce you to Eindhoven's creative energy. Starting with: Niels Hoebers. Patience, imagination, and 24 pictures per second. That's what you need for a stop-motion animation. Add unique characters and a fairy-tale setting, and a real-life story emerges. Who can pull that off? Right! Meet stop-motion animator Niels Hoebers.

It isn't easy to bring fictional characters to life, although the result suggests otherwise. Entirely by hand, Niels creates his sets, puppets, and other props. The small details and movements leave you with the recognizability of reality with a fictional twist. As a trusted visitor of Dutch Design Week, you've got a behind-the-scenes look before, or maybe you've seen his spin on the vibes. Haven't met Niels yet? In this episode of The Creative Handshake, he shows how he works in his workshop at Sectie-C and introduces you to several characters.


Creation and direction: Rosie Zopfi 
Creative production: Simon Bavinck 
Camera and Colorist: Luke Linssen
Second Camera and Edit: Mitchel Boot
Music: Jasper Zopfi and Selim Haasse
Logo design & animation: Daphne Betten

About the host The Creative Handshake
The Creative Handshake is an initiative by documentary filmmakers Rosie Zopfi and Simon Bavinck. Together with a team of filmmakers and producers, they offer a stage to Eindhoven talent, allowing creatives and locals to meet each other.

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