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The Creative Handshake: TWEEK-EEK

When you think of jewelry, what do you envision? Refined materials, delicate tools, or a goldsmith, perhaps? Not if you ask Geertje and Roos Eek. With their jewelry label TWEEK-EEK they create stylish jewelry without a polished manufacturing process. And that doesn't stay unnoticed! Vogue and Harper's Bazaar are fans, and TWEEK-EEK gets to show their designs at exhibitions such as PAN Amsterdam and Dutch Design Week. You, too, can shake their hand with The Creative Handshake

From their industrial workshop and studio at Strijp R, they devise a different creative process for each jewelry line. All materials are recycled, and with the help of machines, which in daily life have very different tasks, their designs come to life. Refined and rugged, and like Yin and Yang, Geertje and Roos complement each other perfectly. They finish each other's ... concepts. Quite handy to be a creative duo with your twin sister.


Creation and direction: Rosie Zopfi 
Creative production: Simon Bavinck 
Camera and Colorist: Luke Linssen
Second Camera and Edit: Mitchel Boot
Music: Jasper Zopfi and Selim Haasse
Logo design & animation: Daphne Betten

About the host The Creative Handshake
The Creative Handshake is an initiative by documentary filmmakers Rosie Zopfi and Simon Bavinck. Together with a team of filmmakers and producers, they offer a stage to Eindhoven talent, allowing creatives and locals to meet each other.

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