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The Sound of Eindhoven: Jasmijn

A pandemic takes its toll. Especially if music and the whole scene around it is your life. The Sound of Eindhoven therefore came at just the right time for Jasmijn. Finally some perspective. And a much needed push to start writing in Dutch. With the song Doemedanieaan Jasmijn became the jury winner of the very first Sound of Eindhoven.

"I was listening to the hundred other entries and thought: oh my god, what have I written. Doomedanieaan is not your typical anthem",  says Jasmijn on the phone. "More like a protest song. Straight from the heart though."

Jasmijn graduated from the Eindhoven Rock City Institute two years ago. Pretty soon corona followed. In one fell swoop everything was gone. "My side job at Altstadt stopped, and so did the way I filled my days and nights. I hang out a lot with other artists, and felt the crisis and the fear."

De broodzaak dicht
Kleine Berg brandt geen licht
Stratum failliet
En Mcdonald's staat kiet

Eindje Eindje (hier in het klein wil ik hier wel)

Hou 't ff lokaal man
Eindje Eindje (wil ik hier wel zijn yo)
Hier in de Eindhovense taal dan


"I usually write in English. With Dutch tracks I'm a bit ashamed of my accent. But through corona everything became more local, including the music. I miss an Eefje de Visser or Froukje who just sings in Brabants.


I really didn't see it coming, that I would win. I hardly participate in contests. Music is something abstract, something you like or not. That's why I feel it's difficult for a jury to make such a judgment. But it's actually because of the people on this jury that I participated. The recognition from these professionals is really cool."

Jasmine does almost everything herself. She is a songwriter and supports the songs with electronic beats. "I really like the creativity of producing. Eindhoven has a great music scene. For me, the first music scene that I am a part of and where I feel very much at home."

As winner of the jury prize, Jasmijn gets to record her anthem in a professional recording studio with accompanying music video. "Through The Sound of Eindhoven I got to know a lot of artists I hadn't heard of. I would like to make an album with some of them. The Sound of Eindhoven collabs, how cool is that?"