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Share the Vibe: Jess Oberlin

A Share the Vibe video made by a woman. Nothing unusual, right? Well, maybe it is. The latest release is by Jess Oberlin. We give her a call to talk about the video. At the end of the interview, she mentions that she is one of the first female producers in the history of Share the Vibe. She sounds cheerful. And very engaged with topics like inclusiveness.

Jess Oberlin grew up in Canada and ended up in Boxtel sixteen years ago via a Canadian classmate. It is back then that she gets introduced to Eindhoven too. She calls it 'a long love affair'. Over the years, she traveled the world but always came back. Eight years ago, she decided to stay. With her fiancé and two children, she now lives in Eindhoven. A place that has shaped her and which she, in turn, tries to change for the better.

Jess Oberlin


In this Share the Vibe video, she takes us to the less known places of the city. To Magda boutique on the Kleine Berg, to the Warehouse of Innovation, to De Bank, La Folie, and to the roof of the Student Hotel. Besides the places, there are the people that shape the city's energy. People that she wants to meet and connect with others. She organizes events to bring different groups together, to give a platform to the (international) women of the city, the queer community, the LGBT community, and the feminist-minded men. Her latest initiative is called PLASMA, a new all-inclusive pop-up podium 'to connect with other humans offline'.

Jess Oberlin
Eindhoven is a city on the rise


Besides events and videos, there is fashion. Jess designs and produces clothing in Eindhoven under the name JØ. Items from the collection can be seen in the video. ‘With the label, I collaborate with other (international) artists and institutions, like Brad Downey and MU Artspace.’ There is one more thing that she is deeply passionate about: karaoke. It started in Canada when she was about eight years old. Her friend’s mother took her to the local shopping center to rent a karaoke set with VHS tapes. ‘I absolutely loved it. And I still do. Karaoke is all about having fun. It is the inner child that comes out when the music starts.’

Jess Oberlin


So when she turned thirty, there had to be a party, she says, with karaoke. But where to find that in Eindhoven? It wasn't here yet. She decided to arrange a party herself, and now she has her own set and software with more than 30,000 songs and beautiful, self-made images to go along with them. 'So you can also hire me if you want to throw a karaoke party', she laughs. It is basically how she approaches life: if you're longing for something, why not create it yourself? Wherever you are. And definitely in Eindhoven, she says. 'If you have a good idea, getting something off the ground here is not difficult. People are open to collaborating, and there are many opportunities to create something new together. It's a city on the rise'.

Be fearless

'For me, Eindhoven is where I became an adult and grew into being a woman and a mother. I think I have become even more open- and positive-minded here, even more curious. It is also where I learned to be more daring in life. For me, that's also the idea behind my fashion line: don't be afraid to show yourself.'