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Share the Vibe: Maarten Berkers

The latest Share the Vibe video is by Maarten Berkers. When we call him he's in the middle of moving to Belgium. But leaving Eindhoven for good? No way....

He came. He left. He came. He left. But in the end, he says on the phone: Eindhoven always feels like home. The city where he had his 'formative years' and the place where he established his film and animation studio. Maarten Berkers grew up in Deurne and came to Eindje around the age of 17. Studied here (and elsewhere), worked here (and elsewhere) and developed himself within the Eindhoven street culture. "Graffiti, music, skating, they have been important ingredients in my education.”

Since 2007 he has been working independently as an illustrator and producer of videos. Together with clients such as the Rijksmuseum, Cinekid and Solar Weekend, he devises and produces promotional videos. He is also proud of De Creatieve Code, an ongoing collaboration with MU Eindhoven to bring creative coding skills to the attention of primary and secondary school pupils.


His studio MARBL is located on the Galileïstraat, in the building of KEVN (Kelderman and van Noort) that will soon be officially opened. "They have worked very hard over the past two years on these new exhibition and work spaces. There will also be a beautiful pavilion with bar and kitchen.”

After thirteen years of entrepreneurship Maarten has learned to gather the right people around him in new projects. That network is largely located in Eindhoven. One of his regular partners is Y'skid, who also made the music for this video.

Maarten Berkers Robot
Maarten Berkers Vinyl

"When I think of Eindhoven, I immediately think of its street culture. You will find many playful references in the video.” And what about that plastic garden chair that's set on fire? “I added that with a wink to Maarten Baas' designer chair and the folk character of the city.”

Do you want to work with Maarten? Check his website for more info.