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Share the Vibe: Cleo Goossens

Cleo Goossens is a photographer. She often works with an analogue camera (also for this production) and travels regularly to Los Angeles where friends live. There she made a series about children playing baseball. The timeless feeling of the sport attracted her, the outfits and caps, they haven’t changed much over the years.
Cleo Goossens shot the last pictures for this Share the Vibe a week before the country went into lockdown. Images of children playing sports together, captured in their team outfit. "Now I realise," Cleo says on the phone, "that we have temporarily lost that kind of freedom."

Cleo Goossens
This Share the Vibe is besides the timeless character an ode to the fun the kids have

For this Share the Vibe she searches for that feeling in Eindhoven. She stumbled upon the PSV baseball club and the Kemphanen icehockey youth team. Clubs that attract a lot of internationals. But also judo, swimming and gymnastics are portrayed in the video.

Besides the timeless character, the video is an ode to the fun the kids have while playing. The focus is not on performance, although some teams join national championships. It's about freedom and being together. About a feeling we all long for right now.

Cleogoossens Making Of
Cleogoossens Making Of


Photography and art direction: Cleo Goossens
Video and editing: Niels Groenendijk
Production: Pierette Goossens
Music:Funktional J

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IJshockey Vereniging Eindhoven Kemphanen, Ray Maasland, PSV Honk- en Softbal Vereniging, Kevin & Jona Driessen, Judo Essink, Thijs Linsen, Caliah Joy Pieternella, Isis Gaitan, On The One Studio, Zwembad ir. Ottenbad