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Share the Vibe: Willem van Hooff

Ever thought about the design language of a city? Designer Willem van Hooff has. He wondered what Eindhoven would look like if the architectural landscape were shaped a little looser for his Share the Vibe. With a ceramic coat for Eindhoven icons as a result.

Willem was born and raised in Eindhoven and studied at Design Academy Eindhoven. Therefore, he has experienced many phases of his life on Eindhoven soil. When he got this assignment, he started thinking about the city's environment, its design language, and why it had never inspired him. "I like it when something is organic and freely formed, actually the opposite of Eindhoven."

Share the Vibe

His design language is mainly inspired by human history: old techniques, objects, and crafts. In his work, he tries to breathe new life into them in his way. It is striking that he always looks for the human element in something. When asked what he thinks is characteristic of the city, he talks about nothing else than people's energy: "Don't overthink it, just do it!"

Willem van Hooff
Why isn't a city build more like an expressive celebration?

When it comes to ceramics, he doesn't have to consider any of the rules of the city or building requirements. "That is not realistic in real life, but it is something to think about," he states. His Share the Vibe depicts a very different but equally recognizable city. Much more expressive, freer, not at all stiff. It seems like the energy of Eindhoven plays a much more significant role.

Entirely in the spirit of Eindhoven, Willem doesn't tell you; he does it. Scroll up to watch his Share the Vibe video.

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