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10x Tips for finding student housing

You will soon start your studies in Eindhoven and are looking for housing. To get straight to the point: You're not the only one! Finding student accommodation can be pretty challenging, but no need to panic! We will help you find a nice place to stay in Eindhoven. Here are our ten tips.

Start your search on time

The demand for student housing is super high. So, start house hunting as soon as possible to be assured of a nice place to stay. Also, follow the advice of your educational institution or study regarding housing. This way, you avoid having to start your education without a home. 

How do students live in Eindhoven?

Student housing comes in different shapes and sizes. Your wishes and budget determine what kind of place you'll end up in. Let's get familiar with the various types of student housing.

  • Student room Most students in Eindhoven live in student rooms ('studentenkamers'). These are separate rooms in houses where you live with several students. Often you share a kitchen and a bathroom with your housemates. Super cozy!
  • Studio Do you prefer more privacy? Then a studio could be more your thing. These are larger living spaces with a private kitchen and bathroom. A bit more expensive, but all yours.
  • Association house Student associations are perfect for meeting new friends. Some associations have their own houses, so by joining a student association, you have a better chance of finding a place to live. Check out our list of the ten coolest student associations and sign up. 
TU/e Aurora Building


Vestide offers different types of (social) student housing at a low price. To get your hands on one of those Vestide places, you must register first. On their website, you can read more about how this works. These houses are super popular, so the waiting list is very long. The earlier you register, the more chance you have!

For student rooms, is your go-to website. Here, most student houses advertise their vacant rooms. You can respond (for a fee) to advertisements with your motivation, and then the occupants invite you for a 'hospiteeravond' (social gathering). Exciting!

Rooms and studios are also listed on However, the prices are a bit higher, because not only student rooms are listed here. You can also respond to ads for a monthly fee. Tip: Make sure to give your future self a reminder to cancel the fee. This way, you avoid unnecessary costs, and can buy yourself an extra beer at the pub. 

Facebook groups

On Facebook, you will find many groups where available houses and rooms are advertised. Here, you can also ask questions or post a message that you are looking for a place. By joining all these groups, you won't miss any offers. And best of all: it's completely free! Below are some Facebook groups you can join. 


Information from your uni or college

Most universities and colleges also provide information for finding a house or student room. Read this information carefully because it might contain a valuable tip. Below, you will find the right page for the school you applied to. 

Living with a host or host family

Sometimes, people have a room or attic to spare. Via Hospi Housing, homeowners rent out these rooms. The offer is super diverse. Sometimes, a spare room becomes available in a family home, and other times, an entire attic becomes available in a single person's home. Take a look, because maybe there is something suitable for you. 

Short stay

Do you have a little more money to spend? Then short stay might be something for you. Short stay is like a hotel room, but for a more extended period of time. Modern interior and gym included! In Eindhoven, you find short stay at Holland2Stay or The Social Hub.

Avoid scams

When a room or deal seems too good to be true, it often is. So, always be critical. This way, you can avoid any issues. Here are some more tips to prevent scams: 

  • Don't let yourself be rushed. If a landlord asks you to transfer money quickly, that's usually a bad sign. 

  • Make sure you have seen the property in person. Aren't you in the Netherlands yet? Then ask someone you trust to check the place. You might be able to find someone through your college or university. 

  • Please transfer large sums of money only after you know everything is okay. Do not do this until you have received and tested the key.  

  • Do not transfer money to foreign account numbers. Landlords should have a Dutch bank account number. A Dutch IBAN always starts with NL. For example: NL56 INGB 0123456789. 

  • Paying a deposit is expected in the Netherlands. This is often an extra months' rent. The maximum allowed deposit is three months' basic rent (excluding utility charges). Costly contract fees are prohibited. Want to know more about your rights as a tenant? Check out this website.

You will be fine!

After reading this article, we can imagine you are thinking, "How on earth am I going to find a decent home?" No worries! You'll be fine. By starting your search on time and following our tips, you will succeed in finding a lovely home. We believe in you and can't wait to welcome you to Eindhoven. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and check our tips below for living your best student life in Eindhoven!