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11x Permanent light art in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is sometimes called 'the city of light' because of our rich history in matches and light bulbs. We live up to that name even today, with festivals like GLOW. But did you know that you can also find a bunch of permanent light artworks in Eindhoven? Check out these eleven spots. Perfect for an evening stroll or two! 

Private Light at Philips Museum

The artwork created by Titia Ex has been on display since GLOW 2016. Since September 2018, the light artwork can be admired permanently and not in the least place. The work adorns the chimney of the lightbulb factory, which is now part of the Philips Museum. Between the large buildings such as de Witte Dame, de Admirant, and de Regent, the light artwork provides a well-deserved spotlight.

Interstices in a Synaptic Space at Stratumseind

A hidden pearl among the permanent light artworks is the 3D projection by Afterlight. In a side alley of Stratumseind, you spot Interstices in a Synaptic Space. The projection of moving graffiti was part of GLOW in 2011 as well as GLOW 2015 and is a permanent artwork of the city.

Loom Light

Another artwork by Titia Ex is the new permanent light artwork in the harbor head (across the street from DOMUSDELA). Just like Private Light, Loom Light has a connection with Philips. The light artwork is a monument to Philips employee Jan Zwartendijk who helped thousands of Jewish refugees during the Second World War. The name refers to the circumstances in which the stories like this took place: in the dark.

Loom Light

Twin chimneys at Strijp-T

Artist Hugo Vrijdag transformed the two striking chimneys of the former power plant at Eindhoven's Strijp-T into a permanent light artwork in honor of GLOW 2020. In doing so, he created an appealing and iconic landmark, fitting the innovative Strijp area. Hugo uses the chimneys as a canvas, onto which he and other artists apply images through multicolor laser projection.

SPACE at Eindhoven central station

Light and darkness cross paths in SPACE at Eindhoven central station. This 90-meter long work of art is designed by Daan Roosegaarde. The artist (and innovator) got inspired by night charts of the earth, on which light sources make the presence of humankind visible. Imagine yourself in space with a walk across this interactive play of light.

Dome of light at Heuvel shopping center

For GLOW 2015, lighting architect Har Hollands designed Dome of Light, located in the indoor shopping center Heuvel. The programming of the project, consisting of 121 light translucent tubes, changes every year, resulting in glowing images. But there is more! His works AnTUenna (TU/e Terrain), Fakkel-S (Strijp-S), and Onyx (residential tower) are also on permanent display.

Dome of Light
Dome of Light

Don’t break the sound barrier

The wind can blow quite hard between the buildings of the Nieuwe Emmasingel, for which a wind canopy got installed. For GLOW 2017, Ellen de Vries and the LUX Lab have designed an interactive LED grid, which is still visible as a lighting installation.

Wij zijn de Tijden

Inspired by a quote from Church Father Augustine, the wall of DOMUSDELA's chapel describes 'Wij zijn de Tijden' (We are the Times). This work of light art challenges you to reflect on the question: How do we embody the times? Augustine argued that when the people do good, the times are good. Can you relate to that? While you're here, take a walk along the canal and be inspired by some more permanent light art, called Loom Light.

Wij zijn de Tijden

Focus at Welschapsedijk 

On the Welschapsedijk, under the viaduct of the A2, you will find a special piece of graffiti art: Focus. Focus is part of a larger series of artworks under the name 'Overbruggen' (To Bridge). For this work, the Amsterdam-Eindhoven collective Motion Paintings was inspired by the electron microscopes of the Thermo Fisher Scientific company. As a result, the hidden molecular world literally comes to light, thanks to a special paint that reacts to LED light.

Walkway Strijp-S

At Strijp-S, there are plenty of light installations to spot. The walkway across Torenallee by Motion Paintings, for example, provides a cheerful view during the day and changes into true light-art during the night. LUX Lab's breathable lighting plan has been installed along the cycling path further along the road.  

Lighting tower at the Veem

In Philips' glory days, the Veem was a storage facility for just about everything made at Strijp-S. A broadcasting mast towered on the roof—which local technicians used to experiment with TV broadcasting. Nowadays, the old mast has given up its place to an imposing light tower that brightens Strijp-S at night with innovative LED lighting. We can assure you it's worth checking it out during your next evening walk.