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On the program of: So What's Next?

Mark Richter

We just said our goodbye's to Dutch Design Week ... on to the next! So What's Next Festival is here for some more entertainment. The first weekend of November is all about the festival: brace yourself for a music revolution with lots of jazz and (free) performances throughout the city.

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Friday = Sublime Club Night @Muziekgebouw 

So What's Next? ClubNight is the smashing kickoff of this year's festival. Together with Sublime radio, they will throw a magnificent party at Muziekgebouw. Brace yourself for an evening of groovy jazz & funky soul with dazzling live performances by trio Montis and Reuben James, among others. Afterwards, dance the night away to jazz & soul records by Sublime DJs Turne and Jason Lemonth. 

When: 3 November
Tickets: from €19,50

Saturday = Festival Night @Muziekgebouw 

The big bang of So What's Next? this year is the Festival Night on Saturday. From 15:30, you can enjoy big names and up-and-coming talent in Muziekgebouw. Make sure to visit Sabrina Starke from Rotterdam, and listen to her beautiful blend of soul, hiphop, folk, and blues. Another must-see is our very own Fresku—in case you've never seen him, take your chance! A Saturday ticket allows you to attend all performances during Festival Night.

When: 4 November
Tickets: from €54

Sunday = Around Town @Downtown Eindhoven

On Sunday, you can enjoy jazz performances throughout the city for free. The first names have already been announced, and they're quite something. Discover the Dutch-Surinaam JELISA and her strong performance of neo soul, R&B and jazz. The streets are also filled with Klankpoeder: a five-piece band that met at the Conservatory, but with nothing student-like about them anymore. Craving more performances on Sunday? Check out the entire program!

When: 5 November
Tickets: free to visit