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5x Outstanding mocktails

After a fun night out (with a little too much booze), the idea of not drinking might have crossed your mind. Well, cheers to that! With a non-alcoholic beverage like a mocktail, of course. You might think a night without alcohol is dull. But let's face it! You just haven't been to the following places. 


For a virgin cocktail with a twist, you have to go to ... Twist! Yes, we did that. And it doesn't stop at a pun. The list may not be endless but with a grapefruit spritzer and a tropical tonic, there are options. Prefer a G&T? They have those in a 0.0% variant, too. 


Here's one for the bucket list; a visit to Skybar VANE. And not just because of the incredible view. North, east, south, west: the cardinal directions influence the drinks. Lucky for you, there's a non-alcoholic option in every direction. How about a sweet and sour Feel the Beet or the refreshing Fragolino with strawberry.



Looking for a spot that serves more than the good old virgin mojito? Try Thomas! While sipping a Caribbean Princess, Pi No Colada, the Thomas Vignature, or even that Nojito, imagine yourself in a pink (!) urban jungle. Tip: Turn left when you exit and get carried away by the longest nightlife street in the Netherlands. At your own risk. 

Plein 4

Do you like to take your pick? Then Plein 4 is the place to be. On the menu: everything from tropical mango mojitos to passion fruit daiquiris that are as fresh and fruity as you are without alcohol. If you want to be sure of entertainment, stop by on the last Tuesday of the month and join the monthly pub quiz. Have fun!

Bobby’s Bar

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Stratumseind or the coziness of Kleine Berg, Bobby's Bar is the place to be, even if you have to do without alcohol for a month. What are we saying? Especially if you want to go for a month without alcohol! Try, for example, the hangover-free classics like No Paloma and Almond Sour. Prefer an option that doesn't remind you of your fave cocktail? The Spring Thyme may be the right one for you. Either way the eight virgin cocktails will get you through the night for sure. 

Prefer a good old cocktail?

In Eindhoven, we love a good drink. Margaritas, mojitos and everything in between: an evening at the following cocktail bars will keep you busy for a night out!