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10x Picture perfect Eindhoven

We don’t have to tell you that there are many things to see in Eindhoven. But looking at the city through a camera lens gives you a whole new perspective. A unique view of the city that will make her seem brand new. Enjoy our beautiful images or go on a photographic adventure yourself! Below, we share a couple of our favorite spots to capture on film. By the way, have you heard of our monthly photography contest? Share your best pics with #eindhovencaptured or @eindhovencity. Or just come and say hi!

The best football stadium in the Netherlands

We'll kick things off with one of Philips' iconic heritage pieces. What once started as a small soccer club for Philips employees has grown into the glorious club that is PSV. The Philips Stadium grew steadily along with the club. From 550 seats on a wooden stand to a whopping 35,000 seats. It's no wonder it won an award for the best stadium in the Netherlands in 2022! The stadium opened in 1911 in Philipsdorp (Dutch for Philips' village), a district for employees of Philips factories. Looking for a great spot to take a photo of this beauty? Dive into one of the side streets of Frederiklaan and turn around. You'll be treated to a breathtaking view with the cute little houses of the Philipsdorp in the foreground and the massive Philips Stadium in the background. 

Our towers are taller than yours

The Vesteda Tower stands tall against the rest. It's famous for its extraordinary architecture and resembles the iconic Flatiron Building in Manhattan. Because of its slender diamond shape, the tower is popular among photographers. Since we are sharing tips, we recommend capturing the Vesteda Tower with the hanging green gardens of Medina in the adjacent street, Het College, in the foreground. Success guaranteed!

Vestedatoren Het College

Every window cleaner's worst nightmare…

Built a modest building, they said. The Blob turned out to be a gigantic, futuristic structure that simply cannot be ignored. It just goes to show that a design process can be strange. What began as a lump of clay in the hands of architect Massimiliano Fuksas is now part of Eindhoven's architecture. Capture it from the west exit of the underground bicycle parking on 18 Septemberplein. Seen from this artistic tunnel, the Lichttoren with its large, blue Philips letters peeks out from behind the Blob. Two birds, one stone! To stay in the artistic mood, the Blob is perhaps even more beautiful, seen from the Inntel Hotels Art with a green oasis in the foreground. 

No, it's not a subway station

Many tourists think the bicycle parking at 18 Septemberplein is a subway station. Unfortunately, we don't have a subway here. But who needs a subway when you can ride your bike like the Dutch and park it in this futuristic structure? The German artists of 1010 have decorated both entrances with cool street art! The best pictures can be taken from the escalators. Just ride to the top and click away. Please don't tell anyone!

Make it pop!

Eindhoven has many more tunnels that have been transformed into colorful passageways. Whereas tunnels often feel dull and uncomfortable, the beautiful murals here will almost blow your guts out. Exploring the tunnels in combination with a bicycle route is extra fun. Get on your bike and let yourself be guided by the tips from Walls with Paint!

Philips Stadion

Feel the wind brushing your hair

You have a magnificent view of the city with its ever-growing skyline at a high altitude. Combine this photo opportunity with a refreshing cocktail at VANE Skybar. Do you want to get that wow effect? Look for a spot right before sunset. Isn't that romantic!

The vertical forest

The Trudo Tower at Strijp-S has been given this nickname for a good reason. This green oasis rises high into the sky with its 125 trees and over 5.000(!) bushes and plants. This eye-catcher also holds her own as a professional model. The most significant advantage: is she never has her eyes shut in a photo. You can let your creativity flow from many perspectives for the perfect picture, for example, from the lookout point on Leidingstraat. We'll be happy to receive your photos!

Unidentified Flying Object 

We're not talking about science fiction. We're talking about The Evoluon: a discus-shaped building representing the technological achievements of Philips. The design originated as a sketch on a paper napkin during dinner. Frits Philips and architect Louis Kalff talked to each other because the city of Eindhoven required permanent exhibition space. The construction of the futuristic-looking flying saucer was eventually started from three striking sketches. An imposing structure that is worth capturing, both inside and out. Simply frame it, and Bob's your uncle!

Onder de Leidinstraat

Onder de Leidingstraat

The name says it all: a street covered with the old pipes from Philips' industrial days. These pipes supplied gas, water, steam, and electricity to the various factories on the site. A large part has been demolished, but that does not mean there is not enough left for a nice picture! Bonus tip: treat yourself to unique ice cream at Intelligentia

Not so micro-lab

Microlab is a place that connects and in which everyone is dedicated to building his or her business. With state-of-the-art office spaces that almost make you want an office job, Microlab offers a unique view over the formerly mentioned Philipsdorp and Strijp-S. Daydreaming because of such a view is allowed as far as we are concerned!