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5x Meet your fellow tabletop game & fantasy fans

Natural twenty! Lucky you. If you’re looking to share your love of tabletop games, miniatures, or maybe even heroic foam swords, then your quest is complete. Because we’ve listed Eindhoven's very best meeting places for fans of fantasy and tabletop games. Ranging from Dungeons & Dragons to a light-hearted game of Catan – these are the places to be if you love a good game.

Enjoy the retro vibes @LAB-1

LAB-1's board game night has it all. Snacks, drinks, the best seventies and eighties music, retro arcade games, and a great opportunity to make new friends. So, grab your favorite game and come to the Keizersgracht! The board game night takes place every Sunday and biweekly on Thursdays. Is your Dutch not that great (yet)? No worries. This event is always full of lovely English-speaking Eindhovenians.

Enter Eindhoven's geek walhalla @GameForce

GameForce is a store and game room in one. You can buy a range of unique games and play them too. You’ll find this geeky hub on the Visserstraat. For everyone whose heart beats faster when they hear Warhammer, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, or Dungeons & Dragons. But lesser-known games are also featured during their game nights. Does just reading this impressive list of games leave your hands clammy? Don’t you worry! Beginners are very welcome too. Check out their calendar for all upcoming events.

Discover the joy of Warhammer @Warhammer Eindhoven

Warhammer is much more than a tabletop game. Part of the fun is assembling and painting the miniatures that you use during the game. At Warhammer Eindhoven, you can buy Warhammer supplies, get great advice and get your hands dirty during workshops. Play an introductory game or sign up for a Warhammer painting session, for instance. Got you curious? Just give them a call or stop by their store on the Kleine Berg.

Join the Knights of the Kitchen Table

Students beware! Knights of the Kitchen Table is Eindhoven's student board- and roleplaying game association. Every week, heroic quests are completed and enemies crushed. All from the basement of the Luna building on the Eindhoven University of Technology campus. To become a member of this awesome club you don’t have to be enrolled in the University. As long as you go to school in Eindhoven, you’re welcome to join. ‘The Knights' play tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons. You can play a shot but sweet one-shot, or delve into a campaign. Fans of LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) will be happy to hear the Knights can help them make their own LARP costumes. And when weather permits, you can pick up your weapons for an adventurous sword-fighting training. A bit much for your taste? On Tuesdays, the Knights also host a board game night.

Frolic at a fantasy festival @Fantasy Court

Citizens, peasants, nobles, say it forth! You are all invited to the Fantasy Court! This annual festival on the Eindhoven University of Technology campus is for everyone who feels at home in the subculture surrounding fantasy and LARP. See wares brought by merchants, compete in a sword fighting tournament, win a teddy bear with your archery skills, and enjoy the music and a (fantastical) snack.