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The best spots for your Tinder date

Dear singles, dating season is here. The sun is shining (at least sometimes), and you feel butterflies in your stomach (or somewhere else). So, you are definitely ready for a great date. But where do you take your lover to be from Tinder (or Bumble, Hinge, Inner Circle, Happn, Grindr, or wherever you look for love)? We give you tips for the best dating spots. All you need to do is show up and present the best version of yourself. You've got this.

Active dates

Are you the type that doesn't like to spend hours chatting with someone you hardly know? Or do you prefer breaking the ice by going on an adventure together? Then an active date is just right for you. These kinds of dates are great anyway, because you get to see how someone deals with setbacks in life. If you crush them with a game or sports activity, for example. Sore loser = red flag.

Beers and boules

Jeu de boules (or Pétanque) is an ideal dating activity. Hardly anyone is very good at it. So chances are that both you and your date are on the same pathetically low level. Good for the vibe. Ask your date to read out the rules and pretend you don't understand them at all; that way, you'll see whether they're the patient type. Just kidding, we don't like playing games. Unless there are balls involved. Another advantage is that you can shamelessly observe your date while they are throwing. So do practice your own moves in front of the mirror. And wear high-waisted pants. Anyway, jeu de boules is awesome. Add a beer and a snack, and your date is guaranteed to run smoothly.


Mooie Boules (on Kleine Berg)

Boules Bites Bar (on Dommelstraat)

Romantic mini-golf

Mini-golf is a genius first date option for the same reasons as jeu de boules. It's basically the same game, but outside, and with a stick and smaller balls. You can pretend to suck at it, so your date can lovingly stand behind you to help you with your swing. Are they not taking the hint? Send 'em home and grab a beer at the outdoor seating area, #selflove. 


Paviljoen Genneper Parken (mini-golf and cafe in the Genneper Parks)

Mooie Boules
Boules Bites Bar

Nostalgic bowling

Bowling is a popular date activity among teenagers. Mainly because they can't go to the pub yet, but they might be on to something there. Because bowling is also just like pétanque, but with bigger balls, and pins. We won't explain again why throwing balls on your first date is fun. Just scroll back up. However, we do want to emphasize that while bowling, you have a perfect view of your date's behind. Between your throws, there will be little moments for some small talk. Want to get to know each other better? Then just order some fries with apple sauce in the restaurant. And if it's really dull, you can always gossip about those awkward teenage couples.


Mega Bowling Woensel (de biggest bowling alley in the Netherlands)

Adventurous climing

We'll stop talking about balls for a moment and continue with "good views of backsides". Apart from the view, wall climbing and bouldering are pretty exciting in any case, especially if you've never done it before. Perfect for breaking the ice and testing whether you are a match when it comes to an adventurous disposition. Moreover, with wall climbing, you quite literally put your fate in the hands of the other. How romantic is that? So book that trial lesson and reach great heights together!


Monk Bouldergym (laid back bouldering and dito bar) 

Klimcentrum Neoliet Eindhoven-Noord (wall climbing, bouldering, rope parcours)

Klimcentrum Neoliet Eindhoven-Zuid (the same, but in the south)

Monk Bouldergym

Romantic dates

Not all of us are sporty or active. In fact, some of us are far from charming while in action mode. Maybe you have plenty of self-esteem and don't mind if you make a fool out of yourself, but we totally get that you'd rather play it safe on a first date. Or maybe you're just the type that likes to stare into someone's eyes for hours, and have deep conversations. No problem, Eindhoven is right on par with cities like Paris when it comes to romantic spots.

Sweet lovin'

Love goes through the stomach. And what says 'I like you’ better than a beautiful pastry in a cozy patisserie? The most convenient thing about a date like this, is that it's a relatively short morning or afternoon activity. Are you enjoying yourselves? Then just go for a drink or dinner after. Having the worst time ever? Then shove that pastry in your face, wave your date goodbye and wish them a nice life without you. You'll have the whole afternoon or evening left to recover from your disappointment by doing something fun with your friends.


Pinkie Patisserie (instant cloud nine)

Art Pastry (artsy & yummy)

Viola’s Patisserie (healthy pastry options, for dates with fitgirls & boys)

Pinkie Patisserie
Pinkie Patisserie

Dine outside your comfort zone

Dinner is an excellent plan for a first date. Especially if you've been texting or calling each other a lot, and you're up for the challenge of getting stuck with someone for three courses. Now, we could recommend all kinds of romantic eateries. In fact, Eindhoven is packed with restaurants that are perfect for a first dinner date. But you're not really stealing the show with just a nice restaurant. Our advice? Go out and eat something extraordinary. Or at a surprising place. Does the conversation fall flat? Then you always have the menu, your plate, or the environment as a conversation piece. We've got you!


Eritrean restaurant Gezana (eating with your hands)

Dinner in motion (dine in spectacular 360-degree projection)

VANE (finger-licking good views)

Valli’s corner (discover the Malaysian cuisine)

Wildcards for wild dates 

Nothing that strikes your fancy so far? Then read on for our wildcards. Not necessarily very wild; that was just so you would continue reading. But just a little different than a typical first date. You'll score extra points for sure!

A few more suggestions!

Go to Villa Karaoke or Ameezing at Stratumseind and sing a romantic duet. Extra fun if you can't sing at all and do it anyway. The rest of the guests will thank you for it. Or dive into the wonderful world of VR at Enversed. An option at least as brave as karaoke, because who knows how moronic you look when you slay monsters with VR glasses on. Do you prefer to play a simpler game? Then we can recommend Van Moll, Rabauw and Café Bommel. Grab a specialty beer and something from the well-stocked game cabinet, and your date is all set. Unless you're on a date with a sore loser. But hey, it's best to find out as soon as possible. 

Have fun dating in Eindhoven!

Van Moll