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5x Party tips for night owls

It's Friday evening, and the 'vrijmibo' (Dutch for Friday afternoon drinks with co-workers)' is slowly ending. But you are far from ready to go home; the night has only just begun for a night owl like you. From party pubs to lively clubs, we have listed five party tips for you. Will you convince your party gang to join?

Good news for everyone who loves a night out: Eindhoven is bursting with pubs, clubs, and nightlife spots. Our tips take you to the coolest places to meet other nightlife enthusiasts. And we have even better news. The Eindhoven nightlife scene is growing. Parties, club concepts, and party collectives are springing up like mushrooms. Of course, we'll keep you informed, but first: five party tips in Eindhoven!

Pixl Club

Are you a real pioneer of the night? Then Pixl Club is for you. This brand new pop-up club is part of The New Block at Strijp-S. Pixl Club combines the industrial vibe of Strijp-S with a warm atmosphere and an impressive musical program. The theme is house and tech, with excursions to the 80s, classics, and disco. Join the club and the dance floor because an unforgettable night awaits you.

De Vooruitgang

You might know De Vooruitgang as a place where you can only eat great food, but they have more tricks up their sleeves. Around 9:30 pm, the chairs and tables move aside to create a bursting 21+ club. DJs spin the most delicious pop and house music on Friday and Saturday nights. A night out at De Vooruitgang is casual with a dash of posh. They close at 03:00 am, so you certainly don't have to worry about getting home too early.


Eindhoven is an innovative city, and so is our nightlife. For example, Haven's new night program started not long ago. You will find Haven in the well-known cultural venue Dynamo. A fantastic club with a challenging night program to discover something new every weekend. From techno to psy trance, and from dubstep to deep house: Haven has it all.



Subbar is a place to have lunch, meet people, and discover the night. And what a discovery that is with their party-packed program. The club invites different collectives all the time. Sometimes you will be treated to raw techno, and other times you will dance to upbeat disco records. So be smart and keep an eye on their calendar.

Oude Rechtbank

At Oude Rechtbank, you can meet other nightlife enthusiasts easily. Their night program has been a nightlife staple for many years. On Thursdays, you'll be treated to their weekly tech-, house, and disco concept: Novum. And on weekends, you can stay up late with various club nights. Amidst the cozy bars of Stratumseind, you will find something different here.

Oude Rechtbank