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7x The promising future of Eindhoven Rockcity

Baklawai door Lucas van Eijck - DOMJOCH

Eindhoven & Rockcity used to be two peas in a pod. With plenty of rock initiatives and always a gig somewhere around town. Those days may seem long gone to the untrained eye (or ear). But quite the opposite is true: the next generation is ready to rock and revive Eindhoven Rockcity. Time to check what chords are struck in the practice pits. A quick scan of the Eindhoven fields of rock provides us with the names of up-and-coming Eindhoven guitar bands.

Bawdy bass runs by Baklawai

Baklawai is a pun on the Dutch phrase ‘een bak lawaai’, or ‘a bucketload of loud noises.’ Perfect if you like the harder, clunkier stuff. This three-piece band is not for the faint of heart. It calls itself a combination of hard rock, psychedelic stoner, and punk. Baklawai regularly performs in Eindhoven – and beyond. Want to know where? Check their socials!

Spacy Severant 

Spacy, psychedelic rock with a pinch of darkness. That's Severant. They have already performed at Roadburn once, which says enough about their qualities. But don't trust our word on it; see for yourself! Keep an eye on  their Instagram for upcoming gigs!

Folky Hobojobos

A Dutch-language folk punk band from Eindhoven, full of energy and with socially critical lyrics. Meet the Hobojobos! A catchy name and ditto music. They recently dropped their first EP, Born to be pauper

Full speed ahead with Alabaster

A trio that hits all the right cords. Alabaster claims to fuse the genres of sludge, hardcore, stoner, and punk. The result? Relentless noise. Curious to know what that sounds like? Check their socials for a little sound preview and upcoming gigs.

Alabaster door Lucas van Eijck - DOMJOCH

Ellenor Vora: dark and dreamy

Less loud than the other names on the list, but undoubtedly worthy of Eindhoven Rockcity! Ellenor Vora zsets a dark mood with melancholic and dreamy guitars against electronic backing tracks. Ellenor performs regularly, so keep an eye on her socials and check her out!

Demonic doom from Der Mancha Red 

They recently presented their first single at the Effenaar and made their stage debut! It doesn't get fresher than this. Der Mancha Red is a doom band that originated from the retired bands Offerblok and Souldust, among others. Like a phoenix from the ashes, if we may say so. Der Mancha Red will release their first EP on 2 March, and as of then, all hell can break loose. Follow them on Instagram!

The Ballet Bombs: gritty stage pirouettes

The name sounds deceptively sweet, but the music is anything but! The Ballet Bombs play dirty garage rock with a hint of blues. They are not afraid to push the throttle every now and then. Does that sound vague? They describe their music as the Blink-182 of garage fuzz. The Ballet Bombs also performed at Roadburn last year. With a little luck, we will be able to admire them on an Eindhoven stage this year. Keep an eye on their Insta for updates.


Are your head-bang muscles only just warming up? Then keep an eye on the concert agendas of the various venues in the city. For instance, did you know that the Effenaar recently launched Club Void? A recurring evening of rock bands on the stage. And, of course, for all reviews, tips, and more, you can visit Eindhoven Rockcity