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33x King's Night and King's Day parties in Eindhoven

It's almost time for everyone's favorite birthday party: King's Day! But where to celebrate the King's birthday this year? We've put together a massive list of the best parties for King's Night and King's Day 2023. Take your pick! 

King's Night

MOZEM Kingsnight @Ketelhuis

If you're afraid you won't have anything left in the tank on King's Day, you shouldn't go to MOZEM King's Night at the Ketelhuis. This fun disco house party will keep you on the dance floor from 22:00 to 04:00. Early birds score a ticket for €18.50. The hesitant and slow pay € 25.50. So hurry up, and save yourself a beer or two!

Koning op de Dijk @outside at Dijk9

Were you rocking out on your Nikes on Stratumseind in the 90s and 00s? Then we have the perfect nostalgic party for you. Koning op de Dijk means King on the Dike, a wordplay at the host of this event. Dijk9 brings you back to the time of Hitzones and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The years when Leonardo was as young as his girlfriends. In short: back to the time of your life. From 19:00 to 00:00 this King's Night, you can relive those beautiful years for free. Peaking early, which is especially nice for people who were young in the 90s. The next day you can start again. Maybe also at Dijk9? We will tell you all about it in the Kings Day section!

King's Night Herrie met Gerrie @Lichtplein

We weren't sure whether there would be a party at Lichtplein (behind De Witte Dame) this year, but fortunately, Herrie met Gerrie and Café Thomas joined forces for a legendary King's Night and King's Day party. On King's Night, you can let loose to the best techno, as you would expect from Herrie met Gerrie. Admission is free! 


Kings Plaza @Paterskerk

Near the Paterskerk on Vestdijk, Kings Plaza returns to the 80s and 90s for Wim-Lex, back to the days when he might have been somewhat of a party animal. Robbie Williams and Queen tributes complete the evening. Admission for this King's Night party is free, and you can dance from 19:00 to 01:00!

Volle Bak: King's Night @Effenaar

Volle Bak roughly translates to 'full house', which they take very literally at Effenaar this year. On King's Night, this pop venue is filled to the brim with festivities. Four areas, each with its own party. Even in the restaurant, you can play bingo and (quietly) go wild at the RGB Silent Disco. Volle Bak is highly recommended for people who are fans of "We all love 80s, 90s & 00s" parties. For € 16.25 you can enjoy the party from 22:00 to 03:00.

Royal Rawk @Dynamo

During King's Night, it's time for beers and gritty guitars at Royal Rawk at Dynamo! Get ready for hardcore punk, rock, and metal from bands like The Spades, 69 Charger, and Sisters of Suffocation. Starts at 19:00, ends at 01:00, and is entirely free. Well, if that isn't a windfall! Grab your earplugs and go!

King's Night @Café The Jack

Moving on with some more loud guitars. This King's Night, The Jack will be turned upside down in the best way possible by none other than tribute bands Concrete Priest and Rage against the System. Starts at 21:00 and is absolutely free!

Royal Dutch 2022 - Tony Junior
Royal Dutch 2022 - De lievelings dj's van je zusje

Royal Dutch @Stadhuisplein

This year's 'fun for everyone' King's Night party is at Stadhuisplein. DJs such as Freddy Moreira, Feestnation and Hak op de Tak will be playing the best dance tracks all night long. Admission is free, but once the square is full, you're out of luck. Want to make sure you get in? Be there at 19:00! The party ends at 01:00. Can't make it here on King's Night? Then you can try again on King's Day. We tell you more in the King's Day section of this article!

King-S @Klokgebouw

Hard techno. That's all you need to know, right? Okay, a little more info then. Remco Beekwilder, Zodiak, Oguz, Ghost in the Machine, Laure Croft and many others will be ready for you at Klokgebouw during King-S on King's Night. And if you don't know who they are, let's go back to our opening statement: hard techno. Tickets are € 14.50. But for that price, you can go crazy from 00:00 to 06:00. Craving more? At noon on King's Day they're ready for you again, with an equally impressive line-up. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Are you wondering why the party starts so late? That's because this year's free warm-up party will take place at Ketelhuisplein! From 18:00 to midnight, the party animals of Concrete Cowboys will provide a great party!

King's Night Oranjefeest @Wilhelminaplein

Where better to kick off Willie's birthday party than on the one and only Wilhelminaplein, named after one of our queens? At Wilhelminaplein, you are at the right place for live bands and music you can dance to this King's Night. Betty Blue sets the tone with vintage rock at 20:00. At 22:00, it's Soulmania's turn with danceable hits from the 60s and 70s. Still not done dancing at midnight? Café Wilhelmina will keep the party going until the late (early?) hours.

King's Night Festival @Stratumseind

Why stand in a crowded cafe this King's Night, when you can also party outside? Well, you can at Stratumseind! De Oude Rechtbank, Café De Looier, Santiago de Cuba, Belgisch Bier Café, Stage Music Café, and Herberg Oud Eindhoven are joining forces to turn the longest nightlife street in the Netherlands into one big King's Night (and King's Day!) festival. The outdoor party is  from 21:00 to 01:00, after that, you can continue inside for a few more hours!

Club Residency for the King

During King's Night, several local DJs will be ready for you in the garden of Club Residency for the King, including artists from 575 and Rarararadio. Dancing will cost you €7.50. The best advice we can give you is: buy a ticket!


Kroongenoten 2023 @Keizersgracht

This year's royal edition of Bontgenoten festival can be found in the heart of the city, at the parking lot on the Keizersgracht. Whatever your taste in music, this is the place to be this King's Night. They play a mix of R&B, hits, disco, '90's & '00s, classics, house & techno! Kroongenoten starts at 19:00 and goes on until midnight. And best of all: admission is free, and they have another party on King's Day, also free of charge! 


As befits an underground party in a skatepark basement, they give almost no information. What do we know? It's a party with grassroots electronics by various (local) DJs. Starts at 22:00, and goes on until 04:00. On King's Day, they're repeating this mystery party. More on that later! Check their Facebook event for updates. 

PIXL invites Ferreck Dawn @PIXL CLUB

Get ready for this special King's Night edition of PIXL! On Wednesday, April 26, this will be your kickstart to an unforgettable royal birthday party. PIXL invites starts at 20:00 and ends at 02:00. On the menu? The slickest house by the one and only Ferreck Dawn! That was the good news. The bad news is that this party is sold out. So keep an eye on Ticketswap!

SNiKHEET King's Night @Oude Rechtbank

Anyone who has ever visited Oude Rechtbank knows that the temperatures can run high there. During SNiKHEET's parties, that's a feature, not a bug. Come glide along this King's Night and be tempted by delicious hip-hop, sultry R&B, oldskool Dancehall, and spicy Afro. Tickets are ten euros, if you get yours on time! SNiKHEET Koningsnacht starts at 23:00 and ends at 04:00.

Royal Vriendenboekje @Stadsoase

The new parties keep rolling in. We are especially excited about a royal edition of Vriendenboekje at Stadsoase this year. Tickets are only 5 euros. Dance the whole King's Night away to the hottest (tech)house, as you've (hopefully) come to expect from Vriendenboekje!

Kroongenoten 2022

King's Day

Kroongenoten 2023 @Keizersgracht

Just like we promised, Bontgenoten returns on King's Day with a free edition of Kroongenoten. The party starts at 13:00 and goes on until 23:00. And best of all: admission is free! 

Dubhoven @HAVEN

At Smalle Haven, HAVEN is going all-out with Dubhoven: a laid-back outdoor reggae & dub festival. Sounds contradictory, but it's not at all. This mini-festival guarantees an entire day and evening of easy-going fun with artists such as Fada Jep, Ijahmin, and Ras Cloud. Add an Italian food truck and a vinyl stand, and your King's Day can't go wrong. Dubhoven is from 13:00 to 23:00 and is completely free! 

Royal Dutch @Stadhuisplein

Royal Dutch will also make your King's Day royally awesome. Mental Theo, Zany & Daani, Tim Hox, and many more will keep you entertained all day and night long. It starts at 12:00, and again: space is limited. So don't be late. At midnight, they will pull the plug, but if you want, you can keep on partying at Stratumseind.  

King-S King's Day @Klokgebouw

Royal parties in the Klokgebouw, part 2. With acid instead of techno this time around. DJ's like El Chi, 2XNI, Sour, Saint, NN, and Klanklab are eager to give you an extravagant King's Day. King-S is from 17:00 to 02:00. Unlike King's Night, you can enter for free on King's Day. And who doesn’t love a free party?

The Big "HT"

The Hoogste Tijd Allstars will be waiting for you all day during King's Day. With all these tasty records, this party is the crowning glory. Pim Bleeker, Swingman, and many more party animals will make it a high-quality party! Oh yeah, and it's free!

Club Residency for the King

Having an outdoor garden party always wins! Especially when it is full of fun people, and local DJs, and entry is free. In short: show your face at Club Residency for the King on the Kerkstraat. One drink won't hurt!

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King's Day Herrie met Gerrie @Lichtplein

On King's Day, Herrie met Gerrie and Café Thomas will repeat their King's Night party at Lichtplein. This time with house instead of techno. It will probably start around 13:00, and you can party all day and evening. Admission is free!

King's Day Oranjefeest @Wilhelminaplein 

You are at the right place for a royal party at Wilhelminaplein. Live bands, great dance music, and a friendly atmosphere. At 14:30 Camilla Blue starts, followed by Eazz Up at 16:15 and Giddy Limit at 18:00. The big finale is Eighty Eight, starting at 20:00 (surely not a coincidence). Admission is free! Up early? You can browse the flea market from 9:00 in the morning. 

Koning op de Dijk @Dijk9

Yes, we promised: on King's Day you can also party for free at Dijk9. From 14:00 to 23:00, there will be a royally awesome party with hits from 'the good old days.' And with 'the good old days' we mean the 90's and 00's, of course. Still partying after 11:00 p.m.? If so, you can be at Stratumseind in no time to truly relive your younger years.

Kings Plaza @Paterskerk

Fond of Dutch music? During King's Day you will find a whole bunch of Dutch folk singers at the Paterskerk on Vestdijk. Get ready to practice your Dutch and sing along at the top of your lungs. Don't want to miss anything? Be there at 13:00! The party ends at 23:30. 

King's Day Festival @Stratumseind

We're going back to Stratum on King's Day! After a big King's Night party, you can return here at noon the next day to keep partying. The best party DJs from the street will be performing, so dancing is on the agenda!


Koningsdag Buiten @Effenaar garden

Not in the mood for big crowds or yelling at each other in front of thumping boxes? Then Koningsdag Buiten (outdoor King's Day) is the party for you. The garden of the Effenaar will be transformed into an oasis of talented bands. Bringing the kids? No problem! They will have a great time in the kids area. Koningsdag Buiten is from 13:00 to 22:00. Best of all? It's free!

KADER x Tasty Folk @Radio Royaal

You can't call your restaurant "Radio Royaal" (royal radio) and refuse to host a party on King's Day. At least, that is what they thought at Radio Royaal, which is why the lovely people of KADER and Tasty Folk organize a royal groove-athon, especially for you (and everyone else). Enjoy dancing from 14:00 to midnight to the finest disco house hits. For free!

King's Day Blockparty @Bergstraat

Eindhoven's coziest street goes all out again on King's Day. The Bergstraat Blockparty is a household name in the city, and with good reason. From 12:00 to 23:00, the whole street is filled with partying people of all ages. You'll fit right in!

UNDRGRND-S King's Day @Area51

Did you miss the underground king's day party in Area51's basement? No worries! On King's Day, you're welcome back here to escape the orange mania above ground. Get ready for the tastiest grassroots electronics from local DJs. This party lasts from 4 to 4. Admission is free!

Garden Party King's Day

You don't need a green thumb to shake things up during King's Day at Tapperij de Bierlier. With a glass of Spa Gold in your hand and the sun on your face, you're all set!

That's it! These are all parties this King's Day and King's Night. Have fun!

The best of King's Day

By now you're probably thinking: surely there aren't even more things to do on King's Day? Well yes, yes there are! From wandering around the flea markets to eating all the orange pastries: we make sure everyone has a fantastic King's Day! 

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