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11x Music venues for live music

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Eindhoven Rockcity is well-known for its rock (& roll), metal, punk and hard rock roots. But those who prefer other types of music also have lots to choose from when it comes to a night out. These are 11 cool music venues for the ultimate live music experience in the city.


POPEI is located in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S and is a pop center dedicated to bands and musicians with a focus on pop and rock music. In a cozy setting, you can also enjoy performances from metal to reggae, rock to dance and bands to singer-songwriters. It's also a great place for a pub meal or some specialty beers!


Music venue Effenaar organizes concerts at places in Eindhoven that enhance the atmosphere; a skate park, a church, the Klokgebouw or a green spot like Groendomein het Wasven. In addition to concerts and parties, they also organize festivals such as Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Bloodshed Fest, Come As You Are, DDW Music Festival and Fuzz Club.

Tip: With the very reasonably priced Effenaar Club Card, you can attend almost all performances in the 'kleine zaal' and satellite locations throughout the entire year. Perfect for discovering new music! 

Fifth NRE

On the NRE site, just outside the city center, you will find Fifth NRE. Here, you can enjoy live music (especially jazz), film and cabaret four days a week at a beautiful location whilst enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Café The Jack

At The Jack, nothing is too crazy, as long as it's fun! This is the place to go for a good game of guitaring and a cold beer. Lots of live music from (inter)national artists and many other fun activities: BBQ's, draft beer afternoons, pub quizzes and even a game of bingo.

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‘t Rozenknopje

This place used to be called 'the living room of Gestel', however 't Rozenknopje is now a living room for everyone. In the beautiful theatre, you can regularly enjoy live performances. Almost every Wednesday evening, there is 'Live in de Knop' with American roots music, vinyl DJ's play or the house band performs spontaneously.

Blue Collar Hotel

The Blue Collar Hotel is a lively Rock & Roll hotel, located in the Klokgebouw, Strijp-S. In the hotel, you will find an old English looking 'vaudeville' theater with burlesque elements and a '20s and '30s vibe. This is the place where they regularly organize performances, with live music in various styles, but also comedy, theater, dance nights and more.

De Altstadt

At café Altstadt on Stratumseind, you can visit concerts a couple of times a week. Altstadt strives to present both new talents as well as award-winning artists on stage. From indie to rock, via psych to electro and pop.

Café Wilhelmina

For the best blues, rock, folk, and roots you can go to Café Wilhelmina, a cozy brown pub on Wilhelmina Square. For some years now, Café Wilhelmina and Effenaar have joined forces to present even more quality music from home and abroad, so nowadays you'll get to see even more great acts.

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Dynamo is a youth center, pop stage, workshop space and school in one. The program is packed with rock, hip hop, and metal concerts. With the help of talented youngsters, Dynamo also regularly organizes its own events and festivals, with the two-day Dynamo Metal Fest as the annual highlight.


Stroomhuis in Eindhoven is an inspiring location full of creative outbursts: food is prepared, people are working on ceramics, there is an art studio and in the concert hall there are performances and parties almost every week.


Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is a contemporary concert hall with an international allure, welcoming world-famous orchestras and soloists. With over 280 concerts a year in a 300-day cultural season, it offers a wide range of music in almost all genres, including the world's best in classical music, jazz and pop.

With all these live music venues, Eindhoven honors its Rockcity legacy, but offers great live music for lovers of all music genres!