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Street art tour

Discover the best Eindhoven has to offer when it comes to graffiti and street art during this three-hour tour. This 3-hour tour by (rental) bike takes you to the best and most beautiful hotspots in the city. Under the guidance of an expert tour guide you will cycle a carefully planned route of about 15 kilometers.

You will get to visit several well known and less known spots in Eindhoven, and you'll even get a glimpse of some "dark" places. The tour will end at Strijp-S in the graffiti and street art shop of Eindhoven, Can Gallery. Here you will meet owner Patrick who will be happy to answer any remaining questions.

Studio Giftig Street Art Tour
Go out and play Street Walk tour by Lukedaduke

Meer informatie

Duur: 3 uur
Prijs: Prijs wordt afgestemd op het aantal personen
5 personen - € 50,00 p.p.
10 personen - € 35,00 p.p.
15 personen - € 30,00 p.p.
Groepsgrootte per gids: In overleg i.v.m. maatregelen
Fietshuur: € 11,50 excl. bezorgkosten

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Berenkuil Street Art tour by Lukedaduke

More information

Duration:2,5 hrs
Price: € 125,00 per guide
Persons per guide: In concertation concerning measures

The walks are possible every day, subject to availability.

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