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24 Hours with Tessa & Evy

For sisters Tessa and Evy Eeden, the Eindhoven district De Bergen is their natural habitat. It's the place where they live and work, and when they have time for themselves, they make sure to visit most of the cafes, restaurants, and shops that De Bergen has to offer.

Tessa and Evy are the owners of fashion store Eeden Concepstore on the Bergstraat. In their cozy boutique, you can find their own designs, jewelry, and beautiful vintage items. Tessa: "De Bergen is our area, we know everything and everyone here. We are happy to show what we think are the best spots here."

Evy & Tessa

9:30 Too much choice at the bakery

Bakery Hartogs on the Kleine Berg has so many delicacies that Tessa and Evy often have a hard time choosing. Evy: "I think I like everything here. They make all the products themselves, back here in the bakery. I prefer to get some fresh bread for breakfast or cookies for tea."

Fancy a picnic later on? If the sun is out, you can also get something to eat and take it with you to the nearby park, the Anne Frank Plantsoen. A visit to the bakery's neighbors, Delicious Store, is also a good option to get something to eat. Tessa laughs: "Oh really, their truffle cheese sandwich, I could eat it every day".

De Bergen

11:00 Coffee to go or not

Evy: “Als we in de winkel aan werk zijn, loopt een van ons er nog wel eens even uit voor koffie. Onze favoriete stek is Lucifer. Everyone we know from the neighborhood comes here. If you're in Eindhoven for the first time, make sure to ask the other visitors of Lucifer for some tips. The vibe is so open that everyone is happy to tell you where to go in the city".

12:00 Nearby shopping

Tessa: "We're working a lot, so we don't have a lot of time to go shopping. That's why we prefer to shop close to home. Here in De Bergen, you'll find the best boutiques, all local and with a heart for their business."

"In our street, there are stores like All Denim, Magda , with clothes and accessories for women, and Walther , with clothes and accessories for men. And at our shop of course, haha! Because we like to wear our own designs."

13:00 Pancakes, granola, or soup?

Tessa: "If you walk through our street in the direction of Grote Berg, you will find The Corner on the corner. A charming place with lots of tasty dishes on the menu. You can tell that the owner loves his job, one of the reasons we love coming here." Evy: " From freshly baked granola to delicious pancakes. I'm now in the mood for their lentil soup, by the way."

16:30 Borreltijd

Evy: "When we don't work, we like going to L’Avenue at the end of the afternoon. That's always fun. Just across the road, you'll find Berlage. It's a nice spot to have a drink, especially in their city garden. Or we get some beers from the Bierbrigadier and take them to our friend Nikki, the owner of Boutique 22.                                                                        


"We'll sit on the bench in front of her store. That's a great place to just look at people passing by. Seeing and being seen is quite a thing here. It's something that can be done anywhere on the Kleine Berg." 

19:30 Mangiare!

Tessa: "Our favorite restaurant is Mangiare. Of course, we go there for the Italian dishes, but certainly also for the social side. We always run into people we know." When asked about the most delicious dish on the menu, the sisters answer right away. Tessa prefers to order penne with truffle and smoked chicken. Evy is happy with pasta carbonara. Evy: "The side dishes are also very tasty, so we usually order them as well. The fact that they have good wine is a nice bonus." Tessa: "If we have a special occasion, say something to celebrate, then we like going to Dijk 9 or Luzt Gastrobar. Delicious food, beautiful and exciting cocktails, they truly make something special of it. Both of them do something extra and there's a nice atmosphere".                                                                        


22:30 Drinks and a dance

Evy: "The evenings that we do go out and party till four in the morning are somewhat over. We mainly go to cozy restaurants where we catch up with friends and have a nice long drink. We usually do so at the pubs on the Kerkstraat, at The Roast Club, or Bobby's Bar on the Kleine Berg". Tessa: "If we really feel like partying we'll go to The Little One. It's always crowded there, not so difficult because the place is very small, and we dance until the early hours. We then also make sure to stop by Café Stacey's for a drink. It's always full of fun people which makes it hard to leave. Very dangerous." 

2:30 Sleep tight!

Tessa knows which hotel she would recommend for people who want to stay the night: "Of course we have another good tip in our district De Bergen. If you stay overnight in Eindhoven, Hotel The Match is the perfect hotspot for you. This hotel is very centrally located, so you can easily explore the city." Evy: "Nice detail: this hotel has nothing to do with sports matches or anything like that. It's at a location where there used to be a match factory, so The Match is a very logical name." Sleep well!                                                                        

Bobby's Bar

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