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5x Hotspots of the big red arrow

You simply cannot miss our eye-catching big red arrow! This attention-getter was designed to showcase the best places in Eindhoven, be it a newly opened restaurant or a quaint little boutique. We have compiled a comprehensive list for you to ensure that these remarkable spots become an integral part of the collective memory. Welcome to the Hall of Hotspots!

Foodies in Heels

Having an interior that brings joy is a crucial aspect of transforming a house into a home. The dining table is undoubtedly the focal point of any cozy gathering. Foodies in Heels is the perfect place to discover snug accessories and gadgets for your kitchen and dining table. Need help styling your dinner setup? Maud and her team are ready to assist you with everything from creating the perfect table setting to completely transforming your living room. So, are you ready to host your next dinner party in style?

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Out of Office

In Eindhoven, there are plenty of great workplaces that also serve delicious coffee. Out of Office, located in Strijp-S, is one such gem. If you need a break from your office, it's an excellent place to work remotely. Once your meeting is over, indulge yourself with a slice of their vegan apple pie - it's absolutely worth it. Your secret's safe with us.

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Pizza Beppe

Pizza Beppe

Craving romantic summer nights in Naples? There's no need to leave the city. Pizza Beppe's authentic Neapolitan pizzas have AVPN's seal of approval. AVPN isn't just a fancy string of letters, it stands for Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, Naples' official pizza club (one you shouldn't mess with). So hop on a Vespa (or rental scooter) and race there to experience it yourself.

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Velo d’Anvers

As we all know, cycling is the way of life in The Netherlands. Whether you're heading out or running errands, a trusty two-wheeler is the go-to ride (unless you're en route to Pizza Beppe). If your beloved bike breaks down, it's great to have a professional like Velo d'Anvers to fix up your steel steed. And if you need a temporary rental bike, they've got you covered too!

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Bob’s Traiteur

Don't worry if you're working overtime on a Friday night while your friends are waiting for you to make dinner. You can always count on Bob's Traiteur to deliver fresh and nutritious meals and appetizers that will surely impress the crowds. In the mood for a drink? A bottle of wine is always a great idea!

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