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Walls with Paint: Aquarium

In 'Walls with Paint,' Eindhoven-based artist, photographer, and art lover Lukedaduke shares the story behind outstanding street art in Eindhoven. This month: your last chance to check out the aquarium of the bicycle tunnel along the Dommel.

Murals come and go. In recent years, the municipality of Eindhoven actively gave artists permission to paint several tunnels by the name "Tunnelvisie" (Dutch for Tunnel Vision, a wordplay on a vision on the many tunnels in the city). And with good reason! Providing multiple bicycle and pedestrian tunnels with a cheerful coat of paint makes users feel safer and more comfortable.

In June of 2020, the tunnel underneath the Professor Dorgelolaan, was painted by ZIME, Sektie, and Lempke. These three artists aren't strangers to Eindhoven (and to the Walls with Paint columns). However, a new piece of art deserves new attention! Coming June, other artists will decorate this tunnel with a new painting. So stay tuned!

Two mermaids welcome you to the aquarium

Right now, the tunnel has a theme that fits the Dommel river. Coming by bike or on foot? Two giant mermaids painted by Sektie will welcome you to their aquarium. One large Lempke (light bulb) in the middle of the tunnel is accompanied by ZIME's stylized fish.

This is your last change to explore the aquarium before we can admire the updates on the tunnel walls in June. Trust us, it's worth it!