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Walls with Paint: Mysterious machines

In "Walls with Paint," Eindhoven-based artist, photographer, and art lover Lukedaduke shares the story behind unique street art in Eindhoven. This month the mysterious machines in the center of Eindhoven.

Out of the blue, they were there! Since a few weeks, several mysterious machines have been popping up in the center of Eindhoven. They can be seen in different places, such as on the Hooghuisstraat, Ten Hagestraat, Vestdijk, and Hermanus Boexstraat.

Some of them look familiar, like a Stormtrooper from Star Wars or a little brother from the Evoluon. Others have brought company and show their faces together, like a family!

Walls with Paint

Curious about who's behind these artworks? Hold your horses! The artist who created the robots goes by Mister Robot, an alias. That way, the machines (and the creator) remain a mystery to the viewer. But, with some imagination, you can figure that Eindhoven's soil - and drinking water - are technologically fertile. Aha, that explains all this innovation!

At least it makes walking around the center a lot more fun. Spot them all!