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Walls with Paint: Street art & graffiti jam

In 'Walls with Paint', Eindhoven local, photographer, and art fan Lukedaduke shares the story behind a special street art project in Eindhoven. This month: beautiful chaos on Roostenlaan.

Something happened on June 26: a jam! A big one! In Eindhoven!

Just after the Dutch lockdown ended, a tunnel was painted by several artists. They came from Eindhoven, but also Rotterdam, Utrecht or Hasselt (B).

One side of the tunnel was reserved for street artists. Next to all the different characters by BunBun, OxAlien, and Tiktoy, a spatial figure was installed by Dr.Morph.The other side was reserved for graffiti artists like Mr.June, Mister, COMA, and Deshamer.

Graffiti Jam

There were no rules except for the colors. The limited amount of color made sure the tunnel looks like a whole. From start to end, the tunnel never seems to bore.

This version of Step Out of the Arena, a reference to the yearly organized big graffiti festival Step in the Arena, was organized for several years now by Wladimir Manshanden and Lempke

The only rule: use of certain colors. That way, it all came out as one piece

I have spoken about Wladimir before as the artist that paints, amongst other things, traffic control cabinets for the city of Eindhoven. Lempke is famous in Eindhoven and far beyond for his stickers with a smiling lightbulb.

They took good care of the artist (and the photographer); there was lunch, drinks, and a barbeque at the end of the jam. The artists made sure the tunnel underneath the highway at the Roostenlaan is filled with beautiful chaos. Definitely worth a visit.

Graffiti jam
Graffiti jam