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Walls with Paint: Superheroes

In 'Walls with Paint', Eindhoven local, photographer, and art fan Lukedaduke shares the story behind a special street art project in Eindhoven. This month: ‘Superheroes’ by Johan Moorman, a tribute to children who make a difference.

For the very first time, the city of Eindhoven will hand out ribbons to honor youth effort.

Kids between the ages of 6 and 18 who are helping parents, family, friends or a lonely neighbor, have delivered an exceptional performance or organized activities in their neighborhood are up for this municipal honor.

To thank all the kids who so effortlessly help others, the city of Eindhoven asked Johan Moorman to transform a tunnel in the heart of the city.

For the first time, Eindhoven will hand out ribbons to youth. Real SUPERHEROES excist!

Johan Moorman is a graphic designer, originally from Eindhoven, with a background in graffiti. He studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and travels on a regular basis to make murals. His work sometimes looks like a retro video game or something right out of a vintage Lego catalogue.

The mural Johan Moorman made in the Kruisstraattunnel is a tribute to all the kids who make a difference and support others: SUPERHEROES!