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Walls with Paint: Wall space

In 'Walls with Paint', Eindhoven local, photographer, and art fan Lukedaduke shares the story behind a special street art project in Eindhoven. This month: two awesome graffiti sanctuaries in the city center, or what Luke likes to call it: free wall space. 

Soon, many things will happen for several places in the center of Eindhoven. There will be some demolition work, diversions, and new to build skyscrapers; this will influence those places in the future and the present. The buildings on the list to be demolished or rebuilt are empty now and not in active use. So, it doesn't take long for one of the vacant buildings to be covered by posters and graffiti tags.  

Street art @DeShamer.Graffiti

Wladimir Manshanden uses this information; he searches contact with the owners of the buildings and asks them if there is space for graffiti and street art. This way, there won't be unwanted graffiti, and local graffiti artists can show off their skills.

Thanks to its central location, plenty of graffiti artists are applying for a spot, and it doesn't take long to provide the walls with a bit of paint. 

You can spot artists working here regularly: creating new artworks in before your eyes

The other so-called sanctuary is harder to find; you will find it at Lichtplein and Lichtstraat behind De Witte Dame. There’s a building that has been empty for some time now. Wladimir asked the owner to paint a large wall with a couple of local artists. The owner liked the idea, and later on, he gave his permission to paint the other walls. This way, lots of legal painting space is made available, and graffiti writers and artists are making great use of it. 

The nice thing about these two spots is that you can find artists working regularly. It will probably save you a trip to De Berenkuil… for as long as it lasts, of course. 

Street art @Tik_Toy
Street art @Lempke_Eindhoven